🥇 To set the flash level of the iPhone LED when taking photos

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Taking photos in low light conditions often results in poor quality images. Your iPhone camera app takes flash pictures, but you can’t control the intensity.

It automatically adjusts the environment and outputs the flash output according to the light available in your current environment.

In this short article, we’ll show you how to adjust your iPhone’s LED flash intensity in three easy steps using a popular third-party app.

Adjust the flash intensity of the iPhone LED

For most of us, the automatic setting of the built-in flash saves the day.

However, there are situations where you may want to adjust these flash intensity settings to take a better picture.

If you notice shadows falling on your subject or on the faces of the people you are photographing while taking pictures outdoors, Try fill-flash,

This camera technology brightens up the shadow areas by only filling in the darker areas with a small flash.

By controlling the intensity of the LED flash, you can experiment a little more with your photos and get the perfect shot.

The app

There are many great camera apps out there. Most functions offer you manual control of things that are not included in your iPhone’s standard camera app.

As an illustration, we show the use of Camera +,

This app offers versions for iPhone and iPad as well as free and paid products.

We love Camera + because it’s easy to use and doesn’t require much learning.

With it you can record in both RAW and TIFF format!

This application is for iFolks who love to perfect their pictures.

Photographers who really want or need to control every setting so that they can use the camera professionally.

3 easy steps to set LED flash intensity on iPhone

After downloading, open Camera + and grant camera access.

Click the Flash button in the top left corner of the screenas seen in the picture below:

Adjust the flash intensity of the iPhone LED

With Camera + you can also manually adjust exposure, focus, shutter speed and much more so that you can not only capture the image yourself!

The app also offers other manual controls that we want for our iPhone’s camera.

The app has a stabilizer recording mode to take both stable and incredible shots clarity filter,


You cannot rely on automatic settings to take advantage of the performance of the iPhone camera and create a professional image.

You need to be able to manage the right flash controls and more yourself. Camera + is one such app that offers you these extensive controls.

For those of you who own the newer iPhone models, you should definitely take this app with you and try it yourself!

Another recommended camera app that you should try if you are interested in photography is the ProCam.

With this app you can control the shutter speed and the ISO value as well as record and save in RAW format. The app uses the latest sensors on the iPhone.

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