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Having trouble with the iOS 12 Voice Memos app? If so, you are not alone. We see a lot of reports from people who are having trouble redesigning Apple Voice Memo.

Voice Memos was first released in iOS 3 in 2009. Since then, the core application has not really been updated.

There have been a few changes here and there, but nothing groundbreaking. That is, until iOS 12.

The voice recorder app has been the most updated since its launch in the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Updated 03/25/2013 – iOS 12.2 fix for voice memos

Apple today released the new iOS 12.2. The new iOS fixes two main problems with the Voice Memos app.

  • Resolves an issue that could cause voice memos to automatically play back recordings when connected to your vehicle’s Bluetooth.
  • The new update also fixes an issue that could cause voice memos to temporarily prevent a recording from being renamed.

This renaming problem was a major handicap for some users in the previous iOS. You should definitely update your iOS to take advantage of these new bug fixes.

How to create a voice memo using the iOS 12 Voice Memo app

Don’t worry – voice memos are still extremely easy to use for quick audio recordings.

Basically open the app, press the big red button at the bottom. Then press the red square to stop recording.

  • If you have an iPhone with 3D Touch, you can touch the voice memo app icon yourself with 3DTouch to quickly start a new recording.
    Use of voice memos in iOS 12
  • You can also add a shortcut to the Control Center that allows you to quickly start a voice memo when you tap it. This is done by tapping Settings> Control Center> Customize controls and adding voice memos.
    Use of voice memos in iOS 12

Rename your voice memo

Incidentally, Voice Memos adds a generic file name by default, or if you have enabled location-based naming, Voice Memos automatically adds the current street address to the recording.

  1. Just tap the voice memo name to change it and enter the name you choose
  2. Or Follow these steps to change the title using the icon Edit recording characteristic
    1. Open voice memos and tap the VM whose name you want to change
    2. Tap the three dots in the lower left corner of the VM
      Menu options for the voice memo app on iPhone with iOS 12
    3. Select Edit Record from the on-screen menu
    4. Tap the title to highlight and edit it
    5. Enter your own title

Create more complex voice memos

In iOS 12+, you don’t have to stop making a simple voice recording. You have a few additional options to allow for more complicated audio clips.

If you swipe up on the capture interface (where the red capture button is located), additional options will appear.

A “light” swipe shows the name of the recording file, a timer and an audio waveform.

Use of voice memos in iOS 12

However, if you swipe this black surface up, you’ll see some other options that we’ll cover below:

  • Tap the double rod Break Icon to stop the current recording.
  • If you have recorded audio in the current file, you can Use the waveform to navigate this audio and listen to everything you’ve recorded so far.
  • Tap to start recording again Continue,
  • When audio is recorded, the pause button becomes one Replace Button.
  • You can record over audio by tapping and holding the waveform to scrub through the recording. tap Replace to record over current audio.

You should pay attention to this recording about Audio in voice memos is irreversible. Be sure to tap Done when you are ready.

How to edit a voice memo

iOS 12+ also offers at least two (but possibly three) simple but powerful ways to edit the audio recorded in voice memos: Replace and cut.

Use of voice memos in iOS 12

To access these options:

  • Open that voice notes App.
  • Choose a file You have recorded.
  • Touch the Three-point menu,
  • In the popup, tap Edit recording,

From here you get to the well-known waveform screen. Here you can edit previously recorded voice memos.

How to replace audio in voice memos

As already mentioned, you can use the Replace button to create a new recording using existing audio.

This is particularly useful when you need to make a note before an important conversation or record a song and want to correct notes

  • Go to Edit recording Menu.
  • Tap and hold on the waveform scrub through the audio with the blue marker.
  • Touch the Replace Button when you are ready to record.
  • When you are finished recording audio, press Pause.

Just make sure you scrub to the top of your new audio to see how it sounds. When you’re done, click “Save Changes.”

How to cut or delete a voice memo

In addition to replacing existing audio data or inserting new audio data, you can also delete audio sections or trim a recording. Trimming and deleting are separate functions, which we will discuss later.

This is useful for removing personal or confidential information from recordings or if you only want to save part of a voice memo

  • Go to Edit recording Menu.
  • Touch the blue Crop / crop Tool in the upper right or upper left corner (different depending on the device).
    Use of voice memos in iOS 12
  • They realize yellow mark about the waveform. There will also be a new one below smaller waveform, This extends over the entire length of the audio recording and is surrounded by a yellow bracket.
  • You can use either the yellow marker or the yellow bracket to select a piece the audio recording.
  • Simply move the selection around knock and move the highlighted part,

When you have selected part of the audio, you have two buttons opposite: Trim and Delete

  • Trim deletes everything except the selected audio.
  • Clear clears the audio selection you made.

When you’re done, just tap Save Changes.

Insert audio into a voice memo

iOS 12 adds another powerful new editing function called Insert to Voice Memos.

Unlike when replacing, there is no recording when inserting about the existing audio. Instead, a new recording is inserted into the audio file.

Unfortunately, Insert is not available on all devices. However, if your device supports this, it will appear as an additional option next to the crop / crop tool

  • Go to Edit recording Menu.
  • If you are on a compatible iPhone or iPad, a diamond-like symbol, this is that Insert Button.
  • Touch the Insert Symbol.
  • Use the waveform Scrub through the audio until you find the point where you want to insert new content.
  • Tap the red one Insert Button below.
  • Beat Break When you’re done inserting audio.

When you are finished, press save Changes,

Additional options and tips

When you navigate Settings> Voice Notesyou will find some additional options.

  • You can set the quality of voice memos. Compressed is of lower quality but saves space, while lossless is of higher quality but takes up more space.
  • Under Default Name, you can also change how voice memos label audio recordings that you are not editing.
  • Delete delete specifies how long audio notes that have been moved to the “Recycle Bin” are saved in voice memos.

Voice memo names and renaming a voice memo

When you start a voice memo on your iDevice, the location can be used to name the file. This is because of how the default settings work.

To change this behavior, you can switch Settings> Voice Notes and disable location-based naming.

Renaming a voice memo is not that easy.

There is no renaming option for voice memos. Interestingly, there is the rename option for PDFs that you save in the new book app. This is a consistency issue on iOS 12.

How to rename voice memos in iOS 12

To rename a specific voice memo, be sure to tap the voice memo name, change the name, and tap Enter. It saves the new name.

Where are recently deleted voice memos in iOS 12?

When you delete a voice memo, it should immediately appear in the “Recently deleted” folder. This folder is only accessible (visible) if elements have been deleted.

Search for recently deleted voice memos in iOS 12

Once you are here, you can use Restore All to restore the memos, or permanently delete them by choosing Delete All.

An important point to note is in the settings for voice memos. If you tap Settings> Voice Notes> Delete DeletedYou will find that there are a few options here.

If you select “immediately” as an option, the “Recently deleted items” folder will never be found when you are working in the app. Make sure that you select the appropriate setting for the retention period of your deleted voice memos here.

Voice memos are not synchronized. Here is a workaround

After the update to iOS 12, many users found that their voice memos were not synchronized on all devices. You create a memo on your iPhone and it takes ages for it to appear on your Mac or iPad or not at all. This is likely a kink Apple is trying to fix and will release a new iOS upgrade that fixes this issue.

In the meantime, it is recommended to use a workaround using the native file app in iOS 12.

Once you’ve edited and saved your voice memo, tap the Share button and select “Files.” As soon as you have saved the voice memo with files, these are automatically moved to your iCloud drive.

Log in to iCloud.com from anywhere and you can access the voice memos. Now that the files are available on your iCloud drive, you should be able to access them easily with your iPad or MacBook.

Please keep in mind that it will take some time to synchronize the files across the devices.

iPhone or iPad voice memo app does not save recordings?

Unfortunately some people tell us that your voice memos are not saved after recording. Pressing the “Done” button doesn’t seem to work. Instead, the “Done” button takes you back to the main page of the voice memo and does not display the recording you have just made. Frustrating indeed !!

This problem causes a lot of stress because important records are lost and cannot be restored.

Suggestions if voice memos don’t save your recordings

  • Update your iOS – Apple is working on a solution to this problem. It is therefore advisable to carry out an update. Remember to back up first and then update using iTunes or OTA Settings> General> Software update
  • Restart your device and open the file app. Check whether your voice memos are available
  • If you are using headphones to monitor your voice, make sure you are connected to your headphones BEFORE pressing the record button while recording. If you connect or connect to headphones during a recording, the recording will stop
  • Make sure airplane mode is turned off. Readers report problems recording voice memos with airplane mode enabled
  • Make sure you’ve enabled iCloud for voice memos. Go to Settings> Apple ID Profile> iCloud> Voice Notes
    • If it is already on, turn it off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it on again
  • Change the settings for deleting voice memos to Never. Go to Settings> Voice Notes> Delete Deleted> and put on never
    • Then close the voice memo app, restart the device and try again
  • Search for your missing voice memos. Go to your home screen and swipe down to open it Spotlight search, type in New recording OR the name of the street on which you recorded your voice memo if location-based naming is activated
    • You can also enter the time you recorded the voice memo if you recorded it today
    • Or enter the date you recorded the voice memo if you recorded it on a day other than today
  • Open voice memos and tap Recently deleted – check if your missing voice memos are present
  • Activate location-based naming and check whether this is helpful. Go to Settings> Voice Notes Under Voice Memo Settings, select Location Based Naming
  • Switch Bluetooth on or off depending on your current setting


We hope you found the voice memo tips for iOS 12 helpful. Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or concerns.

readers’ tips

  • When you’re finished recording your voice memo, tap Enter the three dots and use the Share button to send it to yourself via email or text, or to add notes or to your Google Drive / Dropbox , Or select Save to files to send and save to your file app
  • My voice memos only reappeared after I closed the VM app. When you are finished recording, close the voice memo app, restart it, and check if these VMs are present. Don’t forget to look at the most recently deleted folder. If you still can’t find it, close the voice memo app again and search for it using Spotlight search
  • Try syncing your device with iTunes – this helped me restore my missing voice memos!
  • Make sure that both Cellular Data and Background App Refresh are activated Settings> Voice Notes
  • Try Spotlight Search to find missing voice memos. If you haven’t renamed it, look for the phrase “recording” or “new recording”.
  • If voice memos do not work or cannot be saved, download another recording app from the App Store. Make sure you read all app reviews before buying and installing an app – even the free ones should be checked first
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