🥇 How To Teach Siri Your Nickname Or Any Name! Adjust Siri

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You can personalize Siri to call you. For example, if you want Siri to call you “Papa” or “Super” and even “Beautiful”, it’s easy to get Siri to do just that!

All you have to do is set up that nickname or your preferred name in your contact information – it’s really that simple!

And for those of you whose name Siri can hardly pronounce, this tip is also for you.

How to teach Siri to call you based on your nickname or name preference

  1. Touch the Contacts app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  2. Find My card– It should show up
  3. Tap your card
  4. Choose To edit
    Edit your contact card, my card, in the iPad contacts app
  5. Scroll down and chooseAdd field
  6. Select phonetic first (middle or last name), nickname, pronunciation first (or last name) or another category
    Options for adding fields in the iOS contact app
  7. Scroll back to your name information
  8. Under Phonetic first name or in the category selected in step 6, enter how Siri should call you
    Add a nickname to your contact card
  9. If Siri misspells your name, enter the letter or letters that you think would best match your first or last name
  10. tap Done to save

Then ask Siri a question and see if it is answered with your new name!

Word of warning!

Important information about nicknames

When you share your contact card with someone else, iOS includes your nickname.

This nickname is often the name that appears in your iMessages, AirDrop, FaceTime calls, emails sent with the Mail app, other people’s Contacts app, and many other messages you send.

Nickname appears as the name after the Nickname field is added

For this reason, it is best to add a nickname or preferred name using the “Add” field phonetic first name (or similar) instead of adding the field nickname or change your actual first name (or last name) on your contact card.

So if you want to keep your nickname to yourself, just add a phonetic first name (or a category other than the nickname).

Maybe you don’t want the world to know how Siri would rather call you! Just a thought.

How to delete a nickname that Siri uses

  • Start the Contacts app Then tap To edit
  • Tap your nickname
  • Change or delete by tapping the nickname (or another name) and selecting the icon x remove it!
    How to delete a nickname or other name from the iOS contacts app
  • Tap Done

How to turn off Preferred Nicknames

  • to open the settings
  • Choose contacts
  • tap Short name
  • Turn off Prefer nicknames

Keep in mind that this only affects your device. Therefore, nicknames will not be shown for your contacts.

However, if you set up a nickname and prefer other users to nicknames, they will see your nickname instead of your real first and last name – and you have no control over it except deleting your nickname!

Let Siri say your name or someone else’s name

There are several ways to get Siri to pronounce your name correctly. You can use the way described above and use the phonetic or pronunciation options for the first, middle or last name to determine how your name sounds.

Or you can tell Siri that “you misspell (insert) the name!”

  1. Activate Siri via “Hey Siri” or press the Side / Home button
  2. Ask Siri to open the contact card for the name of the person who mispronounced Siri
    Opened a contact card for Siri
  3. Reply with “so you don’t speak (insert the name)
  4. Siri asks how to pronounce the name correctly
    train siri to pronounce a name
  5. Say the name correctly slowly
  6. Siri offers options based on your correct pronunciation
  7. Play and choose one of the options
  8. If none of the options are correct, press Say it again to Siri and repeat steps 4 through 7 until it is correct
    Choose a pronunciation option or tell Siri again

Do this for all mispronounced names, including first and last names, even nicknames!

Why doesn’t Siri or any of my apps use last names?

iOS activates the short name function by default and only sets the first name as the default. This function can be used to display additional names on the screen if required.

IOS short name settings apply to Apple apps like Mail, Messages, FaceTime, Phone, and even some third-party apps.

But what if you have a lot of co-workers, friends or family members with the same first name? Or do you want last names to be displayed?

The good news is that it’s easy to customize this feature

  • Go to Settings> Contacts
  • tap Short name
  • Select your preferred options from the list, e.g. B. First name and last name
    Nickname options for the iOS Contact app

You can also simply disable the nickname

If the “Short Name” option is disabled, your native Apple apps will show the first and last names listed in your Contacts app.

All third-party apps that use iOS shortened names also add first and last names to your contacts.

Do you see wrong letters and numbers instead of the contact’s names?

This problem is common with Exchange accounts.

Uncheck the “Prefer nicknames” option under Preferences> Contacts> Short Name> Prefer Nicknames,

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