🥇 How to allow popups in Safari on MacOS or iOS

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Ads, ads, ads! Pop-ups are annoying to hell and it’s no wonder they are blocked by default in Safari. Gone are the days when new browser windows were constantly being closed or when a mess of pop-ups was used to find advertising that was booming through your speakers.

That said, pop-ups were created for a reason and as hard to believe as it is … sometimes we have to use them.

Online support chats, bank verification windows, interactive games and even some applications. All of these websites use popups in one way or another. But with Safari blocks any popup, many of these websites stop working.

That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide that shows how to allow Safari popups on any Apple device.

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Allow Safari popups on macOS

Screenshot of Safari

Macs give you maximum flexibility for popups, which you can use to save certain websites to enable popups for. You can also choose from three pop-up options: Allow, Block, or Block and Notify, the last option showing an icon in the Smart Search field when a pop-up is blocked.

How to allow popups in macOS

  1. Start Safari.
  2. Go to in the menu bar safari > settings Or use the key command: .
  3. Go to Web pages Tab and choose Pop-up window from the sidebar.
  4. Select the pop-up settings for websites that are currently open or previously edited.
  5. Select the standard Safari pop-up that says: When visiting other websites.

Allow pop-ups on Safari for a particular site

Allow Safari popups on iOS

With iOS on iPhones, iPads, and iPods, you can do this Enable Safari popups for all websites without having to customize certain website settings like you would on a Mac. As a result, you’ll likely want to manually reset the pop-up settings once you’re done with a particular website. Otherwise, you may be flooded with advertisements.

You can access all open browser tabs and popups by clicking the “Open Tabs” button in Safari. This is indicated by two overlapping squares in the lower right corner.


How to allow popups in iOS:

  1. Start the the settings App and scroll down to safari
  2. Turn the on or off Block popups switch

Screenshot of the settings app blocking pop-ups

If other pop-up problems come up, post an explanation in the comments below and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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