You should buy an iPhone SE instead of an iPhone X

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There is no doubt that about the quality of the iPhone X, it is a phone that looks impeccable, with an outstanding performance, and quite expensive. The latter is a truth that many of those who bought it will never want to admit, but the good news for all of us who love the Apple brand is that there is an iPhone better yet, which costs half as much as the X, we are talking about the star phone of Apple: the iPhone SE.

In this article we are going to give you the three reasons why you have, even in full 2018, buying the iPhone SE is an excellent option, as well as why it can cost you the modest amount of $ 13 per month! If you want to  know more  about it and keep reading this article to get to know this economic but powerful device.

1.- The iPhone SE is much cheaper than the iPhone X

The fact that millions of people have already spent a fortune on the iPhone X does not mean it is the right thing to do, because more than a phone is a synonym for status, a phone does not even have to reach that kind of price. For what it’s worth, the iPhone SE is for sale at a reasonable price, performs well, and is quite durable. With the iPhone SE it is clear that you will not impress the couple of your dreams for having the most innovative smartphone, what is certain is that you will have an excellent team with a simple but charming design. In addition, it is a very versatile equipment and has a large number of gadgets designed for it, such as the GoPanoMicro lens, which allows to record video in 180º.

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2.- The iPhone SE is an incredibly powerful phone

It is normal to go with the feint that for its price and profile under the iPhone SE is a phone without punch, but that is not true because the chip that makes the iPhone SE is the same as the one that uses the iPhone 6S and the iPad newer. In fact, the iPhone is the fastest four-inch phone that has existed to date, which is no small thing, quite the opposite. The iPhone SE allows you to record in 4k, run games in high definition and anything you can think of.

3.- The iPhone has the same operating system as all other iPhones

Although Apple wants us to believe that we need the most modern iPhone to live to the fullest the experience of owning a brand phone, the reality is that all the latest iPhones use the same operating system, the same version. This is why with the iPhone SE you have access to the same products and services, the same security updates, and the same emoticons as the owners of an iPhone X.

It is recognized that the marketing team of Apple does an excellent job to put in our heads the idea that we need to have the latest iPhone, but the iPhone SE is responsible for discarding that thought and provide us with a phone that in addition to the aforementioned It has an amazing camera and it comes in a pretty practical size.


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