You can now buy things from Instagram Stories

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You can now buy things from Instagram Stories

oday, all the star applications must be diversified, and one that keeps the basic functions with which it was released is ostracized as soon as its boom is over. Twiter broke its limit of micro-messages, WhatsApp has video calls, and Instagram allows direct, chat and buy / sell things. Since last May, the photo and video app already has a new function in the form of a payment system . And from today, the purchase / sale can be done not only from the main feed, but also from the Stories .

Sell ​​and buy from Instagram Stories

Under the slogan “Instagram is not only a place of inspiration, but also a place of action” (who would say a social network that was born to upload photos without more), Facebook, owner of Instagram, has enabled the function of being able to use the icon of purchase also in the Instagram Stories, so if we follow a brand or influencer that makes a sponsored ad, we can directly buy things like Adidas shoes, a Louis Vuitton bag, or even services like a cruise or book a hotel.

And, although those who do not use habitually (or at all) Instagram seems silly, in reality it is a round business, as few advertising tools are as powerful now as Instagram -that they tell Cristiano Ronaldo about example, a regular advertising campaign with its 129 million followers on Instagram -, which brings together Influencers with thousands or millions of followers, users eager to know the latest trend and style or news that have not yet become trending, and 300 million Stories uploaded per day, which

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How to buy on Instagram

Instagram’s payment system allows you to add a credit or debit card and a PIN code to have a little extra security in the operations . What can be done with it? For example, if we follow a travel account, and a touristic tour is promoted, with the payment system implemented, we can hire that service and pay directly from Instagram, without having to go to the operator’s website or anything. And the same with things like booking a session in a Spa or a table in a restaurant, something that can be done right now with the Resy reservation app thanks to a Third Party integration.

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