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In four years, SOUNDBOKS has gone from starting in a garage in Virum to becoming a global brand. With The New SOUNDBOKS, they will show that SOUNDBOKS is more than just a festival speaker.

There are many things to say about SOUNDBOKS. If you are familiar with the brand, then you probably also have some opinion about it, biased or from experience. Personally, I was super biased about the huge Bluetooth speaker, which was not unconditionally positive.

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Actually, it was narrow-minded and unfair to me. My idea of ​​what SOUNDBOKS is was largely influenced by foam parties and "ongo-bongo music" at Roskilde Festival. Tomorrow is launching The New SOUNDBOKS, which I have been testing for the past couple of weeks, and the question then is whether it has changed my view of SOUNDBOKS – get the answer here:


  • Design
  • battery
  • Quick charge of the battery
  • Up to five speakers connected via SKAA wireless technology
  • "Pulse Reflex Port" – a kind of further development of the bass reflex tube
  • Many connectivity options – including instruments
  • 126 dB crystal clear sound


  • Lack of indoor mode
  • Cannot play at maximum volume with the power supply
  • Missing EQ
  • Mono only
Weights and Measures 66 x 43 x 32 cm
15.4 kg
Battery 5 hours at maximum strength – Up to 40 hours at medium strength
Fully charged in 3.5 hours
Five-stage LED indicator
Bluetooth Version 5.0
sound Max 126 dB2 x 10 ”96dB woofers

1 x 1 ”104 dB compression driver tweeter

Other things Up to five speakers can be linked together via SKAA technology.
2 x combo XLR input
1 x 3.5mm stereo input
1 x 3.5mm stereo output
colors Black, black, black and then there is a black model
Indicative price Ca. 6,700 kroner

What is a SOUNDBOX?

In short, a SOUNDBOX is a great Bluetooth speaker that can play your ears off. It all starts with three high school friends who choose to build a festival speaker that can play any party, anywhere. The idea really takes off as they decide to offer to build festival speakers at the Blue Newspaper for Roskilde Festival 2015. In fact, it is becoming so popular that the three guys need to get help from other friends, family and even the job center to meet demand. In total, it became 400 units, "The 400 original SOUNDBOKS speakers", and now the foundation was laid.

Today, SOUNDBOKS has sold around 50,000 speakers, and the company employs 60 people worldwide – not bad at all in 4 years. Add to this the impressive fact that all repairs on SOUNDBOKS speakers purchased in the EU are done at a small workshop in Copenhagen N. As a friend pointed out, SOUNDBOKS technicians must either be extremely fast or the speakers are extremely hardy. Personally, I think the speakers are extremely hardy.

I received two devices so I could test how it works when connecting two speakers via SKAA.

I received two devices so I could test how it works when connecting two speakers via SKAA.

Photo: Mobilsiden.dk

New SOUNDBOX – New design

The New SOUNDBOKS is the third generation, and marks a new stage for SOUNDBOKS. Among other things, the design has got a reasonable overhaul. The first SOUNDBOX was characterized by a very eye-catching metal frame that, more than anything else, draws the mind of a workshop in the province. After all, the design became more edible with SOUNDBOKS 2, but still with a good portion of Roskilde Festival and techno music. In addition, the sound of the first two generations of the SOUNDBOKS seemed to be more focused on high bass than pure sound.

The whole package has now been overhauled, giving a much more mature expression. In fact, The New SOUNDBOKS has been redesigned from scratch, which includes a new front grille and a new logo. The location of the units is also different, which contributes to a more stylish design that more than ever makes SOUNDBOKS fit in places where it would otherwise be misplaced. However, the volume button, power button, and multiple SOUNDBOKS speaker pairing buttons still have that look that makes me think of electronic music, youth and beer bowling. But all in all, it is clear that SOUNDBOKS has grown.

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Connection and sound

Of course, before you can connect your SOUNDBOX, there must be a power source. The speaker comes with a large battery that fits perfectly into a holder on the side of the speaker. If you want to play for full screw, then I can only recommend the battery as the included charger / power supply is simply not powerful enough. This means that it turns off if you screw it up too high.

The connection via Bluetooth is painless. You turn on The New SOUNDBOKS and it searches, then you find your SOUNDBOKS on the phone and vupti, you are ready to play. I got two speakers to test so I could test the new feature that allows four speakers to be connected wirelessly to a host or host. Here, too, the connection was painless. One speaker was set to "Host", the other to "Join", and two seconds later both speakers played the same music. If you now have other speakers that do not exactly support SKAA, then these can easily be connected via a 3.5 mm jack stick. In this way, you can connect endlessly many speakers with cable, but still only five wireless. The only minus here is that the speakers only play mono. Therefore, it is not possible to add more SOUNDBOKS speakers to stereo sound – rumor has it that this will come with time.

The sound in The New SOUNDBOKS is delicious. Compared to SOUNDBOKS 2, it is a completely different, better sound experience. The sound is clean and clear, the new tweeter emits crystal clear, treble tones, which together with the two 10 "bass units, one of which plays bass and midtones, gives the sound a much more high fidelity profile. The new Pulse Reflex Port is a exciting variation of the traditional bass reflex tube, which reportedly contributes to a less muddy bass sound. It's hard to determine how great the effect actually is, but compared to SOUNDBOKS 2, The New SOUNDBOKS is much cleaner in sound. the speaker is designed for outdoor use, making the treble sound at high power when used indoors, where The New SOUNDBOKS lacks the indoor mode found in previous generations.

It is clear that you cannot get both a wireless HiFi speaker and a speaker that can withstand the Danish festival weather. But The New Soundbox is the closest thing you get, and you don't feel left out with the feeling of missing something.




The final judgment

It's hard not to fall in love with The New SOUNDBOKS if you have good sound at high volume. If, at the same time, you use the opportunity to bring the audio experience on the go, then this is the speaker – period. The product is as close to perfect as possible, despite the deficiencies I seem to find myself. But lack of EQ and stereo function are things that can be fixed with mobile app and software update. The guys at SOUNDBOKS have more in the cast for The New SOUNDBOKS, so the speaker only gets better from here.

That it cuts into the ears at maximum strength indoors, you can't really blame the speaker. Even my own Hi-Fi setup, tailored to my own preferences, can be turned up high enough to be uncomfortable. I admit that the price may be high, but it is also a premium product. On top of that, The New SOUNDBOKS is the most versatile speaker I've ever seen. It can be used as an amplifier for a guitar, as a song system, as a party speaker, it can be connected to a DJ desk and you can enjoy your favorite music with excellent sound. The possibilities seem endless, and then suddenly 6,700 kroner is not a huge investment. The new SOUNDBOKS can be purchased here.

SOUNDBOKS have grown up in sound and expression, and I actually see no other option – 6 stars!

The New SOUNDBOKS is the best in testing and gets 6 stars.

The New SOUNDBOKS is the best in testing and gets 6 stars.


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