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Review: This Sonos speaker is a slightly different one of its kind because it is equipped with both Bluetooth and battery. Here is our impression of Sonos Move.

"There are no ties that bind me,", Disney's Pinnochio sings joyfully. Somewhat similarly, I imagine Sonos' new speaker is playing in the alley when I'm not using it. Granted, Sonos speakers are not exactly known for being equipped with many cables, on the contrary, but the power cord has not been possible to escape. Before now.

Sonos Move is the well-known US manufacturer's latest speaker, and it symbolizes a bit of a shift. Sonos has long vowed to WiFi connections when playing audio, but has now finally realized that Bluetooth has certain benefits as well.

In addition to Bluetooth, Sonos Move has also been equipped with a battery that, according to the manufacturer, holds up to 10 hours on a charge. This means that it can be taken out on the terrace and started the barbecue party.

Sonos Move is not the classic Sonos speaker as we know it. It is much more than that and I love it.

Sonos Move: Pros and Cons


  • Practical design and solid build quality
  • Classically full and comfortable Sonos sound
  • Plays impressively deep
  • Plays via WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Works with Sonos multi-room system
  • Built-in Google Assistant
  • IP56 dust and rain protection
  • Good battery life
  • Interchangeable battery


  • Big and heavy for a portable speaker
  • The price of NOK 2,999
  • The treble could be slightly better

Sonos Move with touch controls at the top.

Sonos Move with touch controls at the top.

Photo: Mobile site

Sonos Move – designed

In terms of design, Move is not the most eye-catching speaker, and so it is bigger than you think. In fact, it is 24x16x12.6 centimeters and weighs 3 kilos – a lot bigger than, say, the Sonos One or the BeoPlay P6. So it's probably not a speaker smoking a ride in the travel bag. The build quality certainly fails nothing and the practicality is also considered: At the back of the speaker hides a small handle, so you can easily and safely grab Move.

Typically, it is good Sonos build quality and its cabinet, using both plastic, metal and rubber, seems durable. Sonos claims that it easily survives a walk on the floor as the speaker components are well protected from impact. Dust and water also do very well because it has been equipped with an IP56 certification.

It is black, oval and quite anonymous – it is hard not to like it at all, but it is not exactly a design masterpiece either. There is no physical button on the front of the speaker, only four touch buttons on the top: turn down, turn up, play / pause as well as a button to turn the microphone off and on. Sonos Move has the Google Assistant built-in and a button to turn off the microphone very welcome. Personally, though, I think Sonos should swap the microphone and bluetooth buttons, but that's probably just me. On the back you will find three physical buttons: a power button, switching between WiFi and Bluetooth and a typical Sonos "connect" button.

The setup of Move is like any other Sonos speaker. It is important to mention that Move must first be set up via the Sonos app and connected to WiFi before you can use the Bluetooth connection on it. Although this is a slightly different Sonos speaker, it still works with the manufacturer's well-functioning multiroom, stereo pairing, etc. And yet, for Move cannot be used in a surround setup. A nice little touch is that in the Sonos app you can see the battery level on Move. When on WiFi, it can be used with Sonos' own app, Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2.

Sonos Move has a smart handle so you can easily carry it with you. However, you do not go too far with the 3kg heavy speaker.

Sonos Move has a smart handle so you can easily carry it with you. However, you do not go too far with the 3kg heavy speaker.

Photo: Mobile site

Specifications on Sonos Move

Weights and Measures 24x16x12,6cm
units Two Class D digital amplifiers
Downside tweeter
compounds WiFi: 802.11 b / g / n, 2.4 GHz and 5GHz
Sonos app, Spotify Connecy, AirPlay 2
Battery 10 hours per charging
Charging Stand
USB-C input
Other things IP56-rating
True Play
Google Assistant
shock resistant
stereo Pairing

Sonos Move next to Sonos Play: 5.

Sonos Move next to Sonos Play: 5.

Photo: Mobile site

Sonos Move and BeoPlay P6.

Sonos Move and BeoPlay P6.

Photo: Mobile site

Simple charge

Now we come to one of the things I love most about Move: charging. Yes, it may not sound so exciting, but it is because it is so incredibly simple. With most other Bluetooth speakers, a microUSB or USB-C cable must be found and then plugged into the device. Sonos Move comes with a small charging stand where you can quickly throw it in or take it out for it to sit not fixed. And then there is even a backup option because there is room for a USB-C connector, so the mobile or computer charger can be used to charge Move. Super practical and well thought out.

Equally well thought out is that the Sonos Move is equipped with a replaceable battery that anyone and everyone can replace.

Battery life? We have achieved about the 10 hours that Sonos himself discloses. I've been using it for a whole week in our kitchen, exclusively on battery, where it has played both early morning and evening – and there was plenty of battery left.

Sonos Move and the charging stand.

Sonos Move and the charging stand.

Photo: Mobile site

Good transportable sound

Well, design, quality and ease of use are important, but probably not more important than the sound quality of a speaker. The sound in Sonos Move is quite familiar, in a good way.

The sound is typically Sonos sound. A pleasant and slightly laid-back sound, with a little extra bass and a fine, but not overly treble treble. It's a "sound" I think many people find nice. Move plays for a portable Bluetooth speaker really well and with a surprisingly deep bottom. Personally, I could have wished for a little more clarity in the high notes. The sound quality becomes slightly inferior when using the Bluetooth connection, but you really need to listen carefully if it is to be noticed.

Sonos Move plays more convincingly than Sonos One, but does not approach the slightly larger Sonos Play: 5, which offers better treble and bass. Compared to BeoPlay's excellent P6 speaker, Move also performs very well. It plays higher and deeper than the P6, but does not have the same transparency and fine treble.

Testing BeoPlay P6 – Luxury on both sound and design

Sonos' automatic tuning with Trueplay works great. Trueplay is always active on the Move speaker, constantly analyzing the surroundings, to best adapt the sound. This means that the sound in a smaller room, for example, will be barely so heavy, while the deep tones will be turned up outside.

All in all, Sonos Move plays great, and will be able to function as the primary speaker in many homes – if you are not overly demanding.

Conclusion: Sonos Move can only be recommended

At a cost of £ 2,999, Sonos Move is neither the cheapest Sonos nor portable Bluetooth speaker on the market. It is, on the other hand, a really solid, low-quality home speaker, with all the Sonos' benefits that can happen to be used in the garden as well. The addition of battery and Bluetooth really can't be underestimated. From being a desktop speaker, Sonos Move, in our home, has become a practical matter, moving around the apartment's various rooms and balconies. The speaker's transportability is well aided by the extremely simple charge.

The wife thinks it should be our living room speaker, though I think it will fall short – but I'm probably a little more demanding than the typical consumer. Sonos Move plays excellent and really surprises with its deep bottom. So good to forget it's a portable speaker. It lacks a little treble, but plays with a typically pleasant Sonos sound – a sound everyone can keep listening to.

Yes, $ 2,999 is a lot of money. But for a good, quality speaker in a shock-proof enclosure with IP56 certification, multi-room function, stereo pairing, WiFi, Bluetooth, interchangeable battery, charging stands, built-in Google Assistant and I could stay on, that's perfectly fair.

Sonos Move lands on stunning 5.5 out of 6 stars.

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