Test: Samsung Galaxy Fit – A good fitness tracker

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Review: It's hard not to recommend the Samsung Galaxy Fit, which impresses with long battery life, nice screen, small weight and simple control.

There are countless fitness trackers on the market. There is a big difference in the quality of these trackers and it can be difficult to choose. Samsung's Galaxy Fit is not the cheapest you can buy, but for many will be a really good investment.

Here you get a nice AMOLED screen, a weight of just 24 grams, a week's battery life, Samsung's good Health app and good water and dust protection. In addition, the Galaxy Fitmle user's sleep, heart rate, stress levels and automatically record a workout. The price is indicative DKK 799.

Galaxy Fit: Pros and Cons


  • Nice screen
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • Simple and good user interface
  • Reasonable price


  • Missing light sensor
  • Requires dongle in spite of built-in wireless charging
  • No built-in GPS

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Photo: Mobile site

Samsung Galaxy Fit: Designed

The Samsung Galaxy Fit is a pretty gorgeous fitness tracker. The strap is molded and made of rubber, the casing is plastic and seems solid. It does not take up much of the wrist and is incredibly comfortable to wear. With a weight of only 24 grams, you quickly forget it is there. I usually have a lot of trouble sleeping with a watch on, which can be a bit problematic when reporting products with sleep, but this has not been the case with Galaxy Fit.

With a plastic housing, there will be a scratch resistance, which I have also experienced. But even though my test watch has been out of stock, the screen is still scratch-free.

On the side of the Samsung Galaxy Fit you will find the bracelet's only physical button. It's small but gives a good click feel. Even if the clock is controlled via touch screen, the button is used, for example, to return the main screen or stop a workout.

The Galaxy Fit is equipped with the MIL STD 810G standard, which means it is quite durable and 5ATM waterproof so you don't have to worry about water and dust. I swam with it several times and had it with me in the bath, without any problems.

According to Samsung, the watch is equipped with wireless charging, which is not quite right. Yes, it is recharged wirelessly in the enclosed dock where it is attached via a magnet, but you cannot charge it directly on a wireless charger.


The iSamsung Galaxy Fit screen works hard. Although the clock here has gone through a bit of each, the screen is still free of scratches.

Photo: Mobile site

Specifications on Samsung Galaxy Fit

Ml and vgt 18.3×45.1 x11.2 mm
Skrm 0.95 inch AMOLED
120×240 pixels
processor MCU Cortex M33F
Battery 120mAh
Magnetic charging dock
RAM / Internal Storage 2MB / 32MB
software FreeRTOS
Other things MIL-STD-810G
Optical heart rate monitor
Indicative price 799 kroner

Samsung Galaxy Fit has optical heart rate

Samsung Galaxy Fit has optical heart rate monitor.

Photo: Mobile site

A typical nice Samsung screen

Not many activity trackers are equipped with a screen like the Galaxy Fit: a sleek and bright 0.95 inch AMOLED screen of typical Samsung quality. The deep black color makes it almost impossible to see the black frame around the screen and at the same time gives the watch a nicer look. The resolution is 120×240 pixels.

As I said, there is plenty of light in the screen, but I really lack a built-in light sensor that could adapt the light in the screen to the surroundings. Turn it up manually so you can see the screen properly outside, then you will be blinded when you turn off the light and go to bed. And you don't have to manually adjust the brightness all the time.


The AMOLED screen and the black background of the software fit into the Galaxy Fit.

Photo: Mobile site

Simple control of Galaxy Fit

Samsung Galaxy Fit in use

The Samsung Galaxy Fit is equipped with pedometers, heart rate monitors, stress monitors, sleep monitors and a host of built-in activities, such as walking, running, cycling and swimming. In addition, the wristband can handle notifications from the phone, be it a Samsung, any Android or an iPhone. In the test, it is used with a Huawei P30 Pro and a Samsung Galaxy S10 +.

The operating system is called FreeRTOS and is probably not the best known. By contrast, it is extremely simple and is sometimes reminiscent of Samsung's own Tizen interface.

I have had a great experience with the mlinger Galaxy Fit has made. The pedometer works precisely and so does the heart rate monitor. The stress reliever I find it difficult to come to a conclusion because it has shown the same throughout the test period. The sleepmaker has finely recorded the length of my sleep, but how correctly the different sleep types are measured is hard to know.

Starting a workout with Galaxy Fit is quick and easy. Scroll twice to the left of the screen and press "Start". The bracelet remembers the type of activity you last used. During a workout, you receive notifications with intermediates. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change these in the meantime and they cannot be ruled out either. For example, when cycling, it can be annoying to get in every three minutes. Unfortunately, there is no built-in GPS in the Galaxy Fit, but it depends on the GPS in the smartphone.

A smart feature is the watch's automatic registration of a workout. If you are out walking, running or cycling and forget to start the workout on the wrist, Galaxy Fit can handle this yourself. After about 10 minutes, Galaxy Fit even starts to measure if you haven't manually started a workout – without the big loss. Ie the automatic measurement, which starts after about 10 minutes, takes the first 10 minutes into your workout. It has turned out to be surprisingly accurate.

In addition to activity measurement, the watch can be connected to your smartphone, where it displays messages and other notifications you receive. It works impeccably and provides a nice overview so you can quickly assess whether there are messages that need attention here and now.

Samsung Health app is an excellent app to get

Samsung Health app is an excellent app for getting an overview of activities and sleep. It is used with the Samsung Galaxy Fit.

Photo: Mobile site

Good battery life on Galaxy Fit

Samsung charges a battery life of one week, depending on usage, which we can only agree on. With a reasonably average consumption, I have experienced 6-7 days of battery life before going for a charger again.

It is charged via a magnetic dongle and unfortunately cannot be thrown on a regular wireless charger. A full charge takes about 2 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Fit: Conclusion

If you are looking for a fitness tracker, then the Samsung Galaxy Fit is an obvious bid. It is not the cheapest on the market at 799 kroner, but you really get a quality activity tracker at a reasonable price.

Pedometers, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, stress monitor, GPS measured exercise session (with mobile), so Galaxy Fit is ready with reliable results. It's also incredibly comfortable to wear, has smartwatch-like features, a nice AMOLED display and up to a full week of battery life. The software is simple and easy to learn and so the wristband is well protected from impact, water and dust.

It is a bit odd that there is no light sensor in the screen and that it does not support wireless charging without the included dongle. But it does not change that we can easily recommend the Samsung Galaxy Fit.

Samsung Galaxy Fit lands on 5 out of 6 stars.

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