Test: ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO – The best we have tried

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We have had the ROCCAT Vulca 120 AIMO for testing. The keyboard is good for both gaming and everyday use. Here's our verdict:

As you may have noticed, we have started reporting more gaming hardware on the Mobile site. For example, Daniel has just received a new controller from Thrustmaster, and we have gradually tested a few so-called gaming headsets.

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I've had the opportunity to test one of ROCCAT's flagship keyboards, which offers a lot of cool features for gaming, but also works exceptionally well as everyday keyboards.


  • Beautiful design
  • Comfortable to use
  • Good feedback from the keys
  • Easy to write on
  • Easy to clean


  • One knows expensive
  • ROCCAT Swarm

Designed on the ROCCAT Vulcan 20 AIMO

In my opinion, the ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO is the best keyboard on the market right now. The keyboard appears relatively slender in its design, without actually being smaller than normal or thinner for that matter. Still, it doesn't look so messy on my desk.

This may be due to the aluminum surface where the keys are raised. The holders for the keys are transparent, which gives a kind of illusion that the keys hover over the keyboard itself. Of course, the Vulcan 120 AIMO comes with everything that rims and bamboo lights of RGB light, but again it actually works in a way that can easily be used in an office, and not just for games in the teenage room.

The wrist rest is connected using a magnet, which helps maintain the slim design. Have previously used keyboards where the support was "stapled" fixed with small hooks, which should then be placed in notches on the underside of the keyboard. It is impractical if you feel like moving your keyboard. Solution with the magnet feels far more user-friendly.

The macro keys are assembled under the first four F keys, and the keyboard does not have a lot of "gaming lire" that stands out from the rest of the keyboard. Again, a design that also works for everyday use and in the office.

Overall, the ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO is a really nice keyboard to look at.

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ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO in use

I've been using the keyboard for a while, both when playing and working. My work, by its very nature, includes a lot of writing, and here it is felt quickly if a keyboard is not responsive and nice to press for a long time at a time.

I just have to say that the Vucan 120 AIMO has set new standards for me when it comes to writing. The keyboard is so good, and I type with an ease that makes it difficult for me to work from my laptop. I also find it harder to type on keyboards that fall under the category, office supplies, ie a standard, flat office keyboard that doesn't offer the same feedback as a mechanical keyboard.

Also for gaming, I prefer the Vulcan 120 AIMO over my Logitech G413. Of course, the Logitech G413 is also in a lower price range, and although I used to work from the thesis that "a keyboard is a keyboard", I must admit that there is a noticeable difference.

Also, the fact that the keys can be easily removed and put on is a huge plus in my book. This makes the keyboard infinitely easier to clean, which you have to, since dirt is very visible on the aluminum surface. (Which you can probably spot quickly in some of the pictures)

It's hard to explain why one keyboard is better than another when they offer the same thing immediately. For me, it's probably a bit like the size of a cell phone, where a quarter of an inch can make the difference between whether the phone is light or cumbersome to operate. The combination of a design that fits my fingers well and the tactile feedback from the keys makes me work much more fluidly with the ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO than other keyboards.

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RGB lights, software and extra keys

As mentioned, the ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO does not offer a lot of disturbing extra keys. Most extras are combined with existing keys, ie the well-known "FN" key plus, for example, "SCROLL", puts the keyboard in "GAME MODE" where the Windows key is switched off so that it is not accidentally hit and smoked out on the desk.

The same applies, as mentioned, to the macro keys that switch between different custom settings. It's not something I use myself, but more serious PC players tend to have the keyboard set differently depending on the game they play. Therefore, macro keys are a "must" for every gaming keyboard.

However, the ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO has been given a few extra keys. Because you have merged the macros together with F1 to F4, you no longer have volume keys or turn the sound on or off where many other keyboards have them. They are moved across the numeric keypad along with an FX key. Volume control is now done via a dial, which in my world is a thousand times more user-friendly than the F keys.

The FX key works with the motherboards that support it. An example is Alienware, which has RGB lighting throughout the machines. It is controlled via Alienware FX, which cooperates with the FX key on the ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO.

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The RGB light in the keyboard is part of ROCCAT's AIMO system. It is a form of RGB ecosystem where ROCCAT's keyboards, mice and headsets adapt to the same RGB profile. To control the light, you need to install ROCCAT's software, ROCCAT Swarm. The software is also used for a number of other things, such as firmware update and macro profile setting.

I'm not an immediate supporter of ROCCAT Swarm, generally I advocate plug and play, but I would like to be able to control the light in the keyboard. The first hour I did nothing but play with the settings, and the light in the Vulcan 120 AIMO goes from "technofest" to off, which of course I had to test. In the end, I decided to use ROCCAT's AIMO Intelligent Lighting System, as it is called. It sends a pleasant wave of light through the keyboard, while also getting RGB feedback from the keys I hit.

I'm sure there are enough options for every taste. So whether you are a supporter or opponent of RGB light, it should not deter you from choosing the Vulcan 120 AIMO.

Adaptation of, among other things, audio feedback via Swarm.

Adaptation of, among other things, audio feedback via Swarm.

Photo: Mobilsiden.dk

ROCCAT Swarm offers a variety of other features to customize its keyboard. The first is audio feedback, where you can get feedback over speaker or headset every time you type on the keyboard. A few examples are: typewriter and sci-fi audio. I have chosen the feature from when I first got enough feedback from the keyboard itself, and secondly, the audio feedback found extremely disturbing.

The next customization option is character repetition, where you can set how long it takes to hold down a key and until it just repeats the key. That is, how long it takes from, for example, holding down the A key until you see a lot of A's on your screen. In addition, you can set how fast it repeats the key and how fast the cursor blinks.

Finally, there is the customization of keys where you can customize your four profiles with a simple "drag and drop" function and you can change EVERYTHING. For example, if you want "Enter" on your spacebar, just find it in the menu and drag it to the spacebar. Nice impel, if you use it.

Key settings with ROCCAt Swarm.

Key settings with ROCCAt Swarm.

Photo: Mobilsiden.dk

As I said, I am not an unconditional supporter of ROCCAT Swarm. There are a lot of nice features and it works fine if you have a complete ROCCAT setup with keyboard, mouse and headset. But somehow it seems sloppy. There are many updates that pop up and disrupt in time and out. And then I find it incredibly annoying to have to crawl under my desk to turn off and on my keyboard every time a firmware update is over – which is relatively often in this case.

However, swarm is a necessity to get the full out of the keyboard.

Caps Lock indicators, for example, are located in the lower right corner.

Caps Lock indicators, for example, are located in the lower right corner.

Photo: Mobilsiden.dk

The final judgment

The ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO is the best keyboard I've ever used and I've been through quite a few. Of course, it is not cheap for around DKK 1,200. However, there are far more expensive alternatives.

The keyboard is perfect for both work and games, and if you spend many hours in front of your computer, I would definitely recommend the ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO. It's beautifully designed and fits the gaming computer as well as the work computer, and it's just so incredibly delicious to use.

The downsides are the price and the ROCCAT Swarm. I'm not too smart about what's expensive and cheap, but £ 1,200 might sound like a lot for a keyboard. That being said, I think the ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO is worth every penny and I can live with the slightly annoying software.

That's why ROCCAT Vulcan gets 120 AIMO top marks, scoring 6 stars.

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