Test: ROCCAT Cain 120 AIMO – Lightweight mid-range gaming mouse

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We once again had gaming equipment from ROCCAT for testing. This time, the wired mouse, Cain 120 AIMO, is firing. Read our verdict here:

As you have of course noticed, we have gradually tested some gaming equipment from ROCCAT. Initially it has been headsets and keyboards, but now the trip has come to test the first mouse.

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The ROCCAT Cain 120 AIMO is a lightweight gaming mouse in the price range of around DKK 500. As with so many other ROCCAT devices, the Cain 120 sticks to a simple design – albeit still part of the AIMO ecosystem that means RGB light.


  • Good price
  • Simple design
  • Up to 16,000 DPI
  • Looks good in the hand
  • Many setting options in the software


  • Too easy
  • Only suitable for corner use
  • For f mechanical options


There's not much about ROCCAT Cain 120 AIMO screaming gaming. In design, the mouse could easily be mistaken for a good, old-fashioned Microsoft mouse, which is gradually found in most office environments. The only thing that reveals that we have to deal with gaming accessories is ROCCAT's logo with RGB lights, as well as the wheel that has also got a touch of RGB.

If I compare to my Logitech Hero G502, which is in pretty much the same price range, there is much more mechanical, robotic design over Logitech. Of course, it serves the purpose of the ROCCAT Cain 120AIMO to reach a somewhat wider audience because the design is so subdued.

For extra buttons, only the two buttons on the west side, as well as the DPI button, obviously change the mouse's sensitivity. Although there are only two "extra" buttons, they are positioned separately, which actually makes the mouse unsuitable for left-handed people. At the same time, the mouse has a slight inclination towards the right, which in turn serves the purpose of being better in the right hand.

ROCCAT's Owl-Eye Sensor offers up to 16,000 DPI.

ROCCAT's Owl-Eye Sensor offers up to 16,000 DPI.

Photo: Mobilsiden.dk


The ROCCAT Cain 120AIMO is an excellent mouse for the price if we look at the performance. The use of the Owl-Eye Sensor, which offers up to 16,000 DPI makes the mouse among the very best in the class.

I doubt that most people actually utilize all 16,000 DPI as the mouse is unlikely to be flexible and difficult to control. Of course, it depends on what you are used to, what screen you use and what you play. However, the opportunity alone is a definite advantage, even though one may not take full advantage of it.

In previous reviews I have mentioned ROCCAT Swarm, which is the software used for the entire ROCCAT cosystem. Swarm should of course also be used to program Cain 120 at will, and there are a lot of opportunities to support its mouse to its own preferences.

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There are a total of 12 different settings ranging from DPI switch to signal frequency. This means that you can really personalize your settings down to the smallest detail.

In addition, all eight keys can be programmed at will and divided into profiles that match the games you are playing. It works brilliantly, and once again ROCCAT shows that they know their fanbase.

The keys use ROCCAT's own "Titan Click", which provides incredibly satisfactory feedback. You can use both the left and right mouse keys to click and hold. In addition, it is more difficult to make accidental clicks with the keys. With Titan Click, ROCCAT has found a perfect balance between pressure sensitivity and speed. So even if the keys require a definite pressure and cannot be activated by just letting your fingers rest on the keys, it does not feel like a spell in play.

All in all, Cain 120 responds very quickly, it is easy to set and fits well in the hand. I'm also horny, so button placement is perfect for me – but I'm still not completely convinced.

From this angle, all the buttons and lights p

From this angle, all the buttons and lights on the ROCCAT Cain 120 AIMO can be seen.

Photo: Mobilsiden.dk

Final judgment

And why am I not convinced? – It is solely because of the weight. The 87 grams seems too light to me. I have the same with mobile phones, controllers and generally most hardware. I think it's so ingrained in me that weight and build quality are linked. Obviously, I know of course that there is no need for a connection between the two.

However, the ROCCAT Cain 120 AIMO is still too light for my taste, and it had been nice with a weight to adjust the weight of the mouse. It is found in several of Logitech's models, and I have the habit of loading as much weight as possible.

Cain 120AIMO is generally priced at around DKK 550, which is a price range with endless alternatives. An alternative I would like to highlight is the Logitech Hero G502 again. The G502 is just a bit cheaper, and Logitech's G Hub software is far from as user-friendly as the ROCCAT Swarm. In contrast, the G502 has a lot more mechanical options and more buttons.

I'm not saying that Logitech is the better alternative, because it's two vastly different products. I just want to emphasize that the price range has a taste for every taste. If you want the better software and an ultralight mouse that is still comfortable to use and beautifully designed, then you definitely have to choose the ROCCAT Cain 120 AIMO.

I can't give Cain 120 AIMO 6 stars because I'm not completely backwards by the mouse. On the other hand, I can't recommend other alternatives in class either, because it's so subjective what you prefer. ROCCAT Cain 120 AIMO is a good mouse, at a good price, which fits well into ROCCAT's cosystem. However, there is room for improvement, such as left-handedness and the possibility of adding weight.

When I consider everything, we land on 5 stars. Primarily because it is a good product that belongs at the top of the class. Secondly, because the ROCCAT Cain 120 AIMO is neither better nor worse than its competitors.

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