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Review: Motorola's new One Zoom impresses with a gorgeous OLED display, good performance, great battery, quadruple camera at a very reasonable price.

Motorola is back with yet another smartphone. It is still a mid-range car, but it is the flagship of their new One series. We have previously tested Motorola One and Motorola One Vision, both of which received very good marks, so we were excited to see how much better the middle class could be.

The Motorola One Zoom has specs that are reminiscent of the more expensive flagship mobiles: 4000 mAh battery, quad camera, OLED screen, lots of artificial intelligence and not least a pure version of Android. The Motorola One Zoom has a suggested retail price of DKK 2,999 – far from the real flagships. On the paper, it all looks really good, but is it really now too? We can only say yes to that. The Motorola One Zoom should and cannot be compared to a flagship at double price, but for € 2,999 you get extremely mobile for the money.

Here is our test of the Motorola One Zoom.

Motorola One Zoom: Pros and Cons


  • Clean OLED screen
  • Great battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Nice performance
  • Good additions to the pure Android software
  • Good flexible camera
  • Great phone for the money


  • It's super smooth – cover included
  • The ultra wide-angle lens does not impress
  • Neither stereo speakers nor wireless charging

There f

There is also a silicone cover and a quick charger for the Motorola One Zoom. Take the iPhone 11.

Photo: Mobile site

The Motorola One Zoom is smooth as a l

My first impression of the design on the Motorola One Zoom was very positive. Finally, a phone that on the back did not look like the others and did not have ultra glossy ginger-attracting glasses. There is still glass on the back, Gorilla Glass 3, by One Zoom, but it has got a game of "3D Satin" treatment, as Motorola so aptly calls it. The treatment rejects greasy fingers and at the same time looks really good and different.

Unfortunately, the 3D Satin treatment causes the Motorola One Zoom to occupy first place, as the smoothest mobile phone in 2019. It is extremely smooth and I have been losing it several times. It also does not help that the aluminum frame is also painted and therefore does not give much grip. In the end, it is heavy for its size. It weighs 190 grams, which is about the same as a Samsung Galaxy Note10 + that has a much larger screen.

I personally am not fond of covers, but have seen myself forced to use one for the Motorola One Zoom. Fortunately, a silicone cover comes in the shine.

The back offers a new camera design with a whole four cameras and a gradually rare feature: a notification light. The well-known logo on the back of the Motorola One Zoom lights up when there are notifications. Super well thought out. Of course, it requires turning the phone to take advantage of it, which I do not, but there are certainly others who do.

The front of the phone offers a good 6.4 inch OLED screen with a small notch at the top, but much more about it later in the review. Unfortunately, there are no stereo speakers or wireless charging, but there is room for 3.5mm jack in the bottom. One Zoom has two physical buttons, power and volume, giving a great feel. If I am extra critical, the power button could well have been bigger and thus easier to hit. It has not been equipped with an IP certification, but Motorola says it has a “P2i strong nano tire” that protects against water.

Overall, the Motorola One Zoom is a pleasure to look at. It looks modern and stylish and is also well built. But remember to throw the cover on, because it is as smooth as a l.

Specifications on the Motorola One Zoom

Ml and vgt 158 x 75 x 8.8 mm
190 grams
Skrm 6.39 "Max Vision OLED
Chipset Snapdragon 675
Battery 4000 mAh
15W fast charge
Storage space 128GB
Space for MicroSD up to 512GB
Camera 48MP F1.7OIS
16MP F2.2 ultra wide angle
8MP F2.4 OIS telephoto
25MP F2.0 front camera
software Android 9 Pie
Other things fingerprint reader
P2i increased
3.5mm jack connector
FM Radio

Now finally with the OLED screen

I've been asking for it for a long time and now it's finally a reality: Motorola One Zoom has bold OLED displays. Not only is the screen beautiful, OLED technology plays MUCH better with Motorola's Moto Display function than the previous IPS screen. Previously, you could see the entire screen lit up when Moto Display was activated, but now only the necessary pixels need to be lit.

The screen in the Motorola One Zoom is 6.4 inches and is named by the Motorola Max Vision OLED. The format is 19: 9 and the resolution is in full HD. The screen occupies 85 percent of the front, only disturbed by a small U-shaped notch at the top of the device. There is really good contrast, great colors and plenty of light. In the phone settings you can choose between natural, enhanced (default) and saturated colors. I've chosen the natural ones, but most will be fine with the default setting.

To pull the content onto the new screen, One Zoom has a Snapdragon 675 chipset. It's Qualcomm's middle class, but the flagship of the series. It is an eight-core chipset with two large fast- and four energy-saving cores that take care of everyday tasks. In addition, there is 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage which should be plenty for most. If that is not enough, One Zoom can be equipped with a MicroSD memory card up to 512GB. There is dualSIM, where one space is combined MicroSD and SIM space.

Performance around one Android software is fast and fluid. Multitasking also manages the One Zoom really well and an improvement is noticed especially with the use of the camera. It is still not possible to compare the performance with, for example, a OnePlus 7, but there are also DKK 1,299 in difference. Overall, the performance of the Motorola One Zoom is extremely satisfactory.

You can use both fingerprint and facial resolution to resolve the device. The fingerprint reader is built into the screen for the first time and is an optical one of a kind. I was pretty excited about the fingerprint reader in the screen as I don't have the best experience with these in cheaper phones, but was pleasantly surprised. It seems precise and fast. The same applies to the facial solution that works every time – a pleasure.

The new OLED sk

The new OLED screen in the Motorola One Zoom is a good upgrade.

Photo: Mobile site

Pure Android with functional additions

On the Motorola One Zoom, an extremely clean version of Android has been installed, with only Motorola's own good and features added. Here is no bloatware that is still seen on, for example, Samsung's most expensive flagships. One Zoom is not part of the Android One program and therefore does not receive monthly updates and 3 years of software updates. Instead, Motorola promises security updates every two months and software updates for at least 2 years.

Moto Actions and Moto Display are Motorola's own additions to the pure Android experience. Moto Actions provides a variety of shortcuts for various features. For example, you can rotate the phone in the wrist twice and the camera will be activated. Moto Display provides interactive notifications on an off screen. It works really well and looks better with the OLED screen than before.

Motorola's case

Motorola's additions to the pure Android software are very useful.

Photo: Mobile site

It just keeps going on and on

One of the best things about the Motorola One Zoom is the battery life. The battery has grown from 3500 mAh in the Motorola One Vision to 4000 mAh in the Motorola One Zoom, which is easily noticeable. Maybe the Snapdragon chipset and OLED screen also play a role here, but I consistently get over two days of use, including great 6-7 hours of screen time. It is on par with a Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei's latest flagship.

Charging is slower than in One Vision, but it is of course due to the larger battery capacity. After half an hour in the charger, Motorola One Zoom goes from about 0 to 40 percent.

The Motorola One Zoom consistently lasts two days for me "regular =" "use ="

The Motorola One Zoom consistently lasts for two days for "common use".

Photo: Mobile site

Still just a single speaker

Unfortunately, there are no stereo speakers in the Motorola One Zoom. But the individual speaker, which is funny enough at the top of the phone, does a decent job. It plays really hard and with a quality so you can just keep watching Youtube videos and other content on it.

As with all previous Motorola phones, One Zoom handles call and data connections just fine. There have been absolutely no problems.

The quadruple camera g

The quadruple camera does very well for the price.

Photo: Mobile site

The quadruple camera is not just sales gas

Only the most expensive mobile phones in the Android world have been equipped with four cameras. Until now. The Motorola One Zoom also has four camera lenses, but at a completely different price.

The four cameras consist of:

  • Primary sensor of 48 megapixels, f / 1.7 with optical stabilization
  • Ultra wide angle of 16 megapixels, f / 2.2
  • 8 megapixel telephoto, f / 2.4 with optical stabilization, 3x optical zoom
  • 5 megapixel depth sensor

For the price, it's really a good camera that impresses most, but also manages to disappoint. The camera's primary sensor is doing really well, both in daylight and dark. The pictures have nice, though slightly cold, colors, and a good contrast. In the post-processing, the sharpness is increased, which makes the images suitable for sharing on social media, but does not always appear completely true to reality.

The telephoto lens is also one of the camera's strengths, where you get the full 3x optical zoom without experiencing the big loss. Portrt / bokeh is good, selfies are good and especially in night pictures it pleasantly surprises and is not far from eg Samsung Galaxy Note10. It's something of a performance. In two areas, however, it disappoints: selfies where there is not much light present and images taken with the ultra-wide-angle camera. Selfies in poor lighting get too dark and contain too much noise. The image quality from the ultra-wide-angle camera is not impressive, and will quickly deteriorate if there is not much light present. However, it is still nice to have the option of using ultra-wide angle as the combination of this, depth sensor and 3x optical zoom provides an incredibly flexible camera. The quad camera in the Motorola One Zoom is not just sales gas – it actually does really well for the price.

Here are pictures taken with Motorola One Zoom:

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Click to open the photo gallery:

Conclusion: The Motorola One Zoom is superb

One Zoom is Motorola's most expensive mid-range car, but you get really good value for money. Compared to the cheaper One Vision, you get better performance, longer battery life, better display and a more flexible camera.

Its main drawback is the incredibly smooth design and ultra wide-angle lens that could have been of a better quality. It is to live with, because for 2,999 kroner you get a mobile that is nice, solidly built, is fast enough, holds two days on a charge, has a good camera and a really good software experience. You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on a mobile phone if you want to ensure a good experience – this is Motorola One Zoom a good proof. If you have extra 1.299, then OnePlus 7 is a better choice.But you do not, so you definitely can't go wrong with a Motorola One Zoom.

The Motorola One Zoom lands at 5.5 out of 6 stars.

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