Test: Mobile broadband from Teleselskabet 3 with outdoor antenna

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Review: Teleselskabet 3's new powerful mobile broadband solution with external antenna gave new life to our pressed network.

Earlier this month, the telecommunications company 3 launched an extra powerful mobile broadband solution, aimed at those who, for example, live in concrete houses and in outer areas where there are not always optimal connections.

The solution consists of a router, Huawei B2368, with an external Huawei antenna, where the antenna is mounted outside the building and connected with a mains cable to the home router. Vibev was immediately interested in testing the difference between this and the telecommunications companies' traditional solution with the Huawei B525. We immediately grabbed 3 and asked for permission to borrow the equipment.

The Huawei B2368 and outdoor antenna have been tested in an area where normally no good coverage is experienced. Here we have set up the Huawei B525 router directly against the telecommunications company 3's solution with external antenna. Here's our experience.

Not quite plug and play

Mobile broadband has several advantages, including the incredibly easy setup. Throw in a SIM card in the router and you're on the net. Not everyone who has the ability to fast internet via cable offers mobile broadband an obvious and affordable option – unless you live somewhere with poor coverage on 4G mobile data.

And this is where Teleselskabet 3's new router + antenna solution comes into the picture. For an extra 33 kroner a month, compared to 3 normal mobile broadband subscriptions, the Huawei B2368 router is provided with the external antenna, which is intended to ensure better signal and thus a faster network outside the metropolis and in concrete buildings, for example. The disadvantage is that the otherwise usually simple setup of a mobile broadband becomes, with this solution, somewhat more complicated.

We received a box with everything needed for mounting: Huawei B2368 router, Huawei external antenna, mounting screws, spanner, SIM card and 1 meter network cable. The test is conducted in an area in the vicinity of Herlev, where the speed of the mobile network is normally insufficient.

The external antenna can be s

The external antenna can be secured with screws or straps.

Photo: 3.dk

Spend time finding the right location

Before mounting, check where the cover is best. I was all around the house to find the best possible location on the antenna. I tested the speed several times along the way and experienced huge differences. A good location of the external antenna is clearly essential.

On one side of the house I experienced three times faster speed, so it is worthwhile to spend the time to test it properly.

Once you have found the optimal location, start with the assembly. There is everything you need for it and quite a good instruction manual. Unfortunately, the supplied network cable of 1 meter is far too short, so make sure you buy one more before you get started.

When the antenna is set up, it must be connected to the network cable for the B2368 router, which will then function as a WiFi device in the home. The system starts up for a few minutes, after which both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz networks appear, which you can freely connect to.

Finally, it was time to test the speed.

Huawei B2368 external antenna router. Remember to have a l

Huawei B2368 external antenna router. Remember to have a longer network cable ready to connect the two. Only 1 meter cable is included.

Photo: 3.dk

Four times faster mobile broadband

It is a bit more time-consuming and difficult to throw yourself into this solution, but, in our case, has turned out to be a bad word. We have tested the new powerful solution against the most widely used router on the market at home: Huawei B525 with Cat 6.

We are a family of four, which often presents challenges with the Internet speed address. Experience more on the web, so there is not enough bandwidth for everyone.

As with the outdoor antenna, the location of an indoor mobile broadband router also matters a lot. With both Huawei B525 and B2368 with external antennaep their best location, I tested on both mobile phone and computer times. Here are the average results:

Huawei B525 "default router":

  • 20/13 Mbps on mobile phone
  • 17/12 Mbps on computer

Huawei B2368 with external antenna:

  • 63 / 59Mbps on mobile phone
  • 70 / 53Mbps on computer

We can quickly conclude that 3s solution with the B2368 and outdoor antenna is significantly faster – in some cases up to four times faster. For us, this means that everyone can now be online without problems.

3 states on their website that using its 360-degree antenna, B2368 can receive signals from all directions and thereby capture the best signal from 3's network within a 5-8 km radius. The exact distance depends on whether the antenna has free view of the mast or whether tall trees or buildings are in the way of the signal.

In comparison, a regular indoor router such as the Huawei 525 is capable of capturing signals at a radius of up to 4 km under the same optimal conditions.

3's "Internet for Home" subscription includes 1000GB of data, which is more than enough for an ordinary family. The price for the subscription is 230 kroner, to which 33 kroner per month for router and antenna is paid for 40 months, a total of 1,320 kroner. You can also pay the NOK 1,320 immediately. A 50/10 connection at Yousee costs 299 kroner and in comparison, 3s solution is both cheaper and faster.

Test with Huawei B525 "standard ="

Test with Huawei B525 "standard 4G router".

Photo: Mobile site

Test with Huawei B2368 with external antenna.

Test with Huawei B2368 with external antenna.

Photo: Mobile site

Test with Huawei B525 "standard ="

Test with Huawei B525 "standard 4G router".

Photo: Mobile site

Test with Huawei B2368 with external antenna.

Test with Huawei B2368 with external antenna.

Photo: Mobile site

Conclusion: It's worth the money

Would you like to have mobile broadband at home but is challenged by the coverage, then 3's solution with the antenna antenna is highly recommended. I experienced up to four times faster speed, which of course has made a massive difference. Some will probably experience minor improvements, while others will be able to achieve even better results than me. The location of the antenna is extremely important, but other factors also play a role. With a 14-day return policy, there is the opportunity to try it out.

The telecommunications company 3's normal broadband subscription costs DKK 230 per month, with 1000GB of data included. With the B2368 router and outdoor antenna you still get 1000GB of data, but the price rises to 263 kroner a month, ie 33 kroner more. This is because you pay 1320 kroner of the router. With the improvements we have seen, the price is undoubtedly worth it.

It's more time consuming to get started. You have to check where the coverage is best, hang up the antenna, pull the cable and place the router. And then it seems silly that only 1 meter of network cable is included.

The telecommunications company 3's "internet for home" with Huawei B2368 and external antenna lands on 5.5 stars out of 6.

You can find more information about 3's "internet for home" co-antenna here.

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