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Review: Libratone's new wireless in-ear headphones, Track Air +, with active noise reduction are nothing short of amazing.

In July, Danish Libratone launched two completely wireless in-ear headphones, Track Air + and Track Air, with a completely similar look, but only the Plus model is equipped with active noise reduction. In-ear headphones already have pretty good passive noise reduction, so we were excited about active noise reduction would make any sense at all. The short answer is yes.

Despite active star reduction and IPX4 water protection, Libratone Track Air + is incredibly lightweight – each headphone weighs just 5.6 grams. According to the manufacturer, the battery life is up to 24 hours, including the included charging case. The case also offers both cable and wireless charging. The feed offers a new QualcommQCC5121 chipset, Bluetooth 5.0 and AptX.

We have been testing Libratone Track Air + well in a week's time and we have no doubt: It is one of the very best cordless in-ear we have had for testing. The price is DKK 1,499, which is a lot cheaper than the Apple AirPods with the Qi-equipped case.


  • Incredibly lightweight and with a good fit
  • Sounds fantastic
  • Effective active star reduction
  • Lightweight and compact charging case
  • Long battery life
  • Sweat and water resistant IPX4


  • There is a better opportunity to fine-tune the sound
  • Wind gusts may occur in eg lb / cycling
  • The app is too slow

5.6 grams. More, the Libratone Track Air + doesn't weigh.

5.6 grams. More, the Libratone Track Air + doesn't weigh.

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Solid, l

Solid, beautifully built and nice to see on – Libratone Track Air +.

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Designed on Libratone Track Air +

I was pretty amazed when I first got Libratone Track Air + in my hands, because they are incredibly light. The charging case, with the headphones in, weighs only 36 grams and each headphone down to 5.6 grams. The low weight is not only impressive, but helps with the good comfort they have.

Track Air + is both lovely to look at and touch. The outer part is in metal, aluminum I would like to put on, and the rest is in matt and glossy plastic. They seem solid and well built. In the sticks, the more outboard Jabra Elite 65t, but much smaller than eg Apple Airpods. There are four different sizes of ear tips, where I ended up with "medium" being the next largest.

The headphones sit really comfortable in the clean. The low weight and the good ergonomics mean that I can wear them for a long time without any hassle. In addition to sitting comfortably, they also sit securely. I can jump, shake my head and headbang (only for the re of this test), but the Track Air + will stay safe.

The charging case for Track Air + is not the most extravagant we have seen, but it is the smallest and lightest. Should it be fancy or transportable? I listen clearly to the last: light, small and practical. For charging, it is equipped with both cable, USB-C thankfully, and Qi wireless charging. For example, if you have a mobile phone with reverse wireless charging, it can wirelessly charge Track Air +.

The case is the smallest and lightest we have tested.

The case is the smallest and lightest we have tested.

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There is USB-C input for charging and built-in tr

There is a USB-C input for charging and built-in wireless charging in the case.

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Silence and well-balanced good sound

The small Libratone Track Air + is equipped with active noise reduction, something you don't see in many completely wireless in-ear headphones. According to the manufacturer, noise is reduced by up to 30dB. I have tried the ANC on the street in Copenhagen, in the S train, on the bike ride and in the office and can announce that it works. Very good indeed. But let's start with the sound.

The sound in Track Air + is classic Libratone. Lovely transparent treble, good midrange and a little extra bass. They play with a really good dynamic and depth that surpasses my previous favorite, the Jabra Elite 65t. I've been listening to acoustic, pop, rap and heavy – Track Air + major to everything.

Good sound gets even better when the music is undisturbed. The combination of passive and active reduction is addictive and not much is needed until the real world completely disappears and there is just music left.

It could be nice if
one could have 2-3
preset ANC levels,
which one could switch between
on the headphones
control panel.

In the Libratones app you find various settings for the headphones, including control of the ANC and operation of the headphones side panels. The app is necessary if you want to get the most out of Track Air +. Unfortunately, it is often slow to open and register the headphones. It has been tested on both the Samsung Galaxy S10 + and OnePlus 7 Pro, some of the fastest phones on the market.

The ANC can be set to manual, automatic and ambient. By manual, you can choose between 30 different levels of ANC and automatically adjust to the surroundings automatically. If you need to know your surroundings better, then the Ambient setting is your friend. Personally, I am mostly in control of the ANC level myself, but the automatic setting works as intended. If you run or ride a bike (or just blow it really much) you will be able to experience wind, but this can be minimized by putting the ANC somewhere between steps 13 and 16.

You can set different operating shortcuts in the app. For example, you can double-tap your headset to be Play / Pause and left to Google Assistant.

Usually I only use two, maybe three, ANC levels on Track Air +: Level 13 and ANC fired all the way up to level 30. Each time, I unfortunately have to open the app to change this. It could be nice if you could have 2-3 preset ANC levels that you could switch between on the headphones control panel.

Unfortunately, in the app there is no equalizer to play with, but only three presets to choose from: neutral, extra bass and extra treble. I am clearly mostly into the neutral setting, but would love to be able to tweak.

Overall, the Track Air + sounds really good and the ANC is really efficient. Calls do track Track Air + also very well. Both you call and the person on the other end experiences good sound.

In the app you can v

In the app you can choose between three ANC settings: Manual, automatic and ambient.

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You can also in the app

You can also choose in the app which shortcuts the control panels on the headphones should have and choose between neutral, bass-filled and sound with more treble. There is no equalizer.

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Long battery life

Libratone lasts up to 6 hours of battery life with ANC enabled, including the full 24-hour charging case. In the test I managed to sneak in just over 6 hours, so it must be said to be approved. I have not yet put the exhaust battery in the case, but there is a reason.

It is incredibly easy to get to charge the case. First, USB-C input has finally been thrown in, so you can now use the same connector your Android phone uses. In addition, the case is equipped with wireless charging. The last thing I really enjoyed. Libratone makes their own wireless charger, but you can use any, including a Samsung Galaxy S10 series mobile phone or Huawei Mate 20 Pro or P30 Pro.


Wireless charging is built into the Libratone Track Air + case.

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Conclusion: Libratone Track Air + is really good

Libratones Track Air + sounds great, has addictive nice active star reduction, nice design, really good comfort and s fills very little in your pocket. There's a lot I like about them and very little I don't like.

The app is sometimes for slv, there is no fine tuning of the sound and wind noise can be experienced, however only when there is really a lot of wind. But it's the tuning department and, quite frankly, Track Air + is now my personal favorite in the wireless in-ear headphones category. I can only recommend Track Air + if you are in the hunt for a heavy-duty in-ear.

The price of 1,499 is also quite fair. You have to pay more for the Airpods model with wireless charging case, where the sound quality is far from Track Air + and there is no ANC either.

Libratone Track Air + deserves 5.5 out of 6 stars.

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