Test: Havit E30 – A top-shelf Bluetooth speaker

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We have had the Bluetooth speaker, the Havit E30 for testing. Havit, among other things, is waterproof and can act as a powerbank. Here's our verdict:

We have gradually gone through a considerable amount of Bluetooth speakers, here on the Mobile site. However, there are far between portable speakers that are actually barbaric that deliver as high a level as the Havit E30.

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I realize that I have now started in such a way that the Havit E30 can only disappoint. But it doesn't. Of course, it's hard to argue why one Bluetooth speaker is better than another when most people have exactly the same features. In some cases, it's just about the execution.


  • Waterproof & shock resistant with IPX7
  • EQ Mode for outside and inside
  • 14 hours of playback
  • Super sound in class
  • Can be paired with other speaker for 2.0 surround
  • Power Bank function
  • NFC
  • Supports Siri and Google Assistant
  • High "value for money"


  • Entrance protection cover is difficult to open
  • Micro USB charging
  • The assistant voice is too low in terms of music volume

Design and features

The Havit E30 is similar to many other Bluetooth speakers on the market, which doesn't necessarily mean that much. The most eye-catching feature of the speaker is the red "loop" from which to hang the speaker wherever one fits. The rest of the speaker is black, a little gray, and then black again. Personally, I prefer the black speaker, rather than the slightly more violent colors used by Logitech for their Ultimate Ears. The black color just keeps a neutral line that fits in most situations.

Havit E30 is suitable for a garden party, in the bar, in the garage, in the office or on the construction site. It is very well struck with a design that fits in so many places.

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The buttons are located on the front and you have no doubt how the speaker is operated. I unpacked my Havit E30 out of the box, turned it on and paired it with my phone and since then it has just played the way I wanted it. Additional features such as assistant support and NFC have worked completely as intended. However, I have the little monkey dabei that my Google Assistant is far too low on the Havit E30. If I listen to music at medium volume, I can barely hear the assistant's answer. At higher volume, however, this is not a problem.

The speaker also has a powerbank feature that, together with the IPX7 certification, makes it the obvious festival speaker. Yes yes, of course you take power from the internal battery, but with a battery of 5,200 mAh, there is enough to remove. It seems like a simple but brilliant feature of a Bluetooth speaker. If you lie on the beach, listen to some music on your Havit E30, and the phone reports low battery, just borrow a little from the speaker.

The sound does not match the price

The Havit E30 delivers both great and clean sound. Of course, it is not a HiFi speaker, and there is also far up to the monster speaker from the Soundbox. But the Havit E30 costs only 599 kroner. And for the £ 599 you just don't get much better in a Bluetooth speaker. It's not really that much about the price being relatively low. It's about the sound being so much better than the price. At the same time, Havit has been thinking about making an EQ button that switches between indoor and outdoor sound.

Whichever sound profile you choose, really nice sound is delivered. Personally, I actually use the outdoor sound wherever I use the speaker. It delivers just a little extra treble, which fits my ear well. I am sure there will be shared opinions on which sound profile you prefer. But no matter what, the Havit E30 delivers beautiful and well-balanced sound – even at high volume.

As a reviewer, I have a handful of "go to" numbers, each with their own characteristics. The numbers I use to test speakers, or headphones for that matter, as consistently as possible. And I just have to say that I've seen bass tones disappear in muddy sound, or treble tones screeching at high volume, on devices that cost up to six times more than the Havit E30, while at Havit I am presented with a much cleaner soundscape. I think it's impressive and I don't have a finger to put on the sound.

The rubber cover that protects Micro-USB, USB-A and jackstick can be a bit cumbersome.

The rubber cover that protects Micro-USB, USB-A and jackstick can be a bit cumbersome.

Photo: Mobilsiden.dk

The final judgment

I sound like a teenager in love, I realize that. But the Havit E30 just doesn't really have any flaws or shortcomings. Yes okay, I have mentioned three disadvantages, but they do not really take up much of the overall picture. The Havit E30 is a well thought out Bluetooth speaker that has the features we would like to see. When the sound is at the same time top and the price is screwed to the bottom, it is hard not to be impressed.

A product completed in every way for less than DKK 600. It can only trigger 6 very large stars from here.

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