Test: Call of Duty Mobile – Console game is approaching mobile

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We've tested Call of Duty Mobile. The game quickly became popular and broke the download record upon release. Here's our verdict:

I have been allowed to try something completely new, namely to test and report a mobile game. It's always fun to get a little outside of its "comfort zone", so when asked if I would like to report Call of Duty Mobile, I of course said yes.

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Usually we are sent the units we need to test. But in this case, I was sent a so-called "in-game currency", that is, the game's digital currency, which is usually bought for real money. S, like I had the prerequisites for getting into the game completely.


  • Free to play
  • Good graphics
  • Relatively easy management
  • The difficulty is so everyone can be with
  • Incredibly fun


  • Expensive in-game currency
  • Occasional outcomes where you lose connection
  • Maybe a little too easy for completely tanned players
  • No controller support

Call of Duty in pocket format

The game takes up quite a bit for a mobile game, but it is also very close to the well-known "real thing". When you get into the game for the first time, it doesn't seem like the first time. The tracks have been taken out of previous Call of Duty games, which means it doesn't quite feel like starting a new game. The graphics are phenomenal for a mobile game, and I really think it's a pocket-sized console game.

Of course, there are some limitations to playing on a mobile phone. The most obvious is the steering. I've never been a fan of shooting games where I have to control my fingers on the screen. First, it disturbs the image, which is tricky in a shooting game. Second, I always add that my screen gets a little greasy and somehow "non-slip", which means my fingers have a harder time sliding on the screen. My last problem is that most phones will be glossed if you play heavy games on them. Have experienced phones that you actually got on, and then it's just no longer fun.

Unfortunately, Call of Duty Mobile does not yet officially support controllers. I've been told that there is a "workaround" where you can play via a third-party program, for example with a PlayStation 4 controller. However, I have another alternative, which I will come to later in the review.

Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer and BattlePass

Several game types

CoD Mobile is currently offering two game modes: Multiplayer and Battle Royale. In the multiplayer section there are five additional game types, all of which are a fixed part of the game, Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy respectively and training against the "computer". In addition, various other game types also circulate in the multiplayer section. They are limited in time and are changed regularly. Examples of this could be Gun Game, where you start with a bad weapon, and upgrade every time you kill an opponent.

As for the lanes, there are five fixed lanes in Call of Duty Mobile: Crash, Killhouse, Crossfire, Nuketown and Hijacked. All five courses are taken from previous games in the series. But also the lanes have some f in circulation that are replaced on a regular basis, along with the time-limited game types.

Generally, multiplayer is for those who like "fast paced action" and short games. You can get through a multiplayer game in five minutes, and there is almost always a win to play – at least to start with. The video above shows, among other things, my attempt at an MP game.

Battle Royale is a little different. For those who do not know the genre, it is assumed that 100 players are thrown out of a plane, after which they scramble to be the last survivors while the game area is shrinking. If you end up outside the gaming area, you lose your life, and eventually you leave. You have the opportunity to play alone or in teams of two or four. Personally, I do not have a preference as there are pros and cons to both playing solo and in teams.

Battle Royale takes longer. If you are lucky to win, the game lasts about twenty minutes – that is, when you get to the end, where the playing field is shrunk to next to nothing. In the course of the game, one goes largely from door to door, in his quest for better weapons, more ammunition and protection in the form of, for example, bulletproof vest. If you encounter an opponent, it is a pleasure to kill him or her before you are killed. Last live picture wins.

Call of Duty MobileBattle Royale – in teams

Anyone can join

The difficulty of Call of Duty Mobile is not overwhelming. If you do not want to win by a very large margin, then you have to play "Ranked", ie the competitive game part, where you are divided into divisions according to the form. If, on the other hand, you like to win, then you just have to play the normal game part.

Of course, governance also plays a role. By default, the game automatically shoots for you when you aim at an opponent. You just have to concentrate on pointing your rifle at an opponent, and then the game does the rest. You can, of course, set up the controls as you like, and eventually remove all the small assists that the game makes. That way, it gets a little harder and you may have more satisfaction when you win.

Of course, it is entirely up to one to know how to play, and the conditions are the same for everyone – and so are not.

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale – solo

Cursed microtransactions

For as with virtually every other game, one can buy for benefits. In some way, the game developers no longer believe in linear progress. All this must be done at "Box 1", where you can be allowed to throw hundreds of dollars if you want the fat weapons.

I hate it and I hate it in ALL games! As soon as there are microtransactions, the game instantly loses half a star in my book. I would rather have a game, as entertaining as this, cost 50-80 dollars, and s were without microtransactions. I might even pay £ 100 for it. But then the gaming industry is no longer on the phone, console or computer – unfortunately.

I was sent 8,000 in-game currency, which is equivalent to 899 Danish kroner. For the number of kroner you would think that you got a lot in the game. But the 8,000 CP, as they are called, got a quick leg up. Of course, I should have Battle Pass, which in itself took a good portion of the coins. Then I tried to find some good loot in the bald WeaponCrates – ten of them cost 1,440 CP. As you may recall, pretty much all of my money was spent before I actually started the game itself.

Had it been my own money, I would have become a bit bitter. But that's how the industry is screwed up today, which we unfortunately can't change as long as there is money to be made.

In order to f

To gain access to all the benefits and slots in your loadout, you need to level up. It happens completely automatically by playing.

Photo: Mobilsiden.dk

Play Call of Duty Mobile … On Your PC!

Now we come to the alternative of a controller. Many people probably think that shooting games, like Call of Duty, are best played with the mouse and keyboard. That wagon I am also on, and more importantly, it is some pretty hilarious nerds apparently too – and cheers for them!

They have made it possible, via an emulator, to play Call of Duty Mobile, and a bunch of other mobile games on their PC. It is even possible to use your login from Google or Facebook, whatever you use to save your game, and thus make a kind of "cross save" on the phone and PC. This means that you can sit in front of your PC and play until you get out of the door, after which you can continue the same game on your phone. Unless you drive – do not play Call of Duty Mobile while driving.

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Yes, yes, that's fine, Robin. How do I get Call of Duty Mobile on my PC?
You click onTHIS LINKwhich directs you directly to the GameLoop website. On the website there is a big "Download" button, which of course you click on. Once you have downloaded and installed GameLoop, just find Call of Duty Mobile on the list of games, install and play. Piece of cake.

The graphics, of course, are not overwhelming when scaling a mobile game up to 34 inches, but it works. And when I play, I don't really think much about the graphics.


The difficulty is not huge and I experience significantly more victories than defeat.

Photo: Mobilsiden.dk

The final judgment

Call of Duty Mobile is incredibly fun if you are into that kind of game. Otherwise, I was skeptical about playing such a big title on the phone, partly because Fortnite was an obvious disappointment for me. But Activision and Tencent have done very well with Call of Duty Mobile. Although you never quite get the chance to play on your PlayStation 4, there is still the familiar Call of Duty atmosphere throughout the game.

It works well to switch between fast, short multiplayer games, and slightly longer, and less action-packed, battle royale. At the same time, the progress is also quite excellent. Even if you lose a game, you have your own goals that make up for rewards. In that way, you make personal progress at almost every game.

Microtransactions are the player's enemy number t! I have expressed my opinion, so there is no need to say anything other than the fact that microtransactions are dragging down my mind. The same goes for the lack of controller support, though the developer notes that a solution is being worked on. The last big minus in my book is that the game is about to lose connection – especially when playing battle royale. Fortunately, you have plenty of time to reconnect, so you don't get kicked out. Nevertheless, it is hammering annoying.

All things considered, there are more pluses than the minuses of Call of Duty Mobile, and in my opinion the game is the most entertaining mobile game to date. Therefore, I can live with microtransactions, occasional outages and missing controller. The game is Call of Duty as we know it, only in pocket format.

The next step will be a reissue of Call of Duty 3 for the phone, but until then Call of Duty Mobile scores five great stars.

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