Samsung Project V

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Samsung Project V, photos of the folding mobile that you can never buy

We are currently close to mobile phones that reach 100% of front screen surface, in fact the recently presented Vivo NEX is positioning itself as the trend to follow . But what next? What innovation will come next in an ever changing trend market? Well it seems that the folding smartphones, a concept that we have been listening for over a year and in which Samsung wants to be the first.

Samsung Flexible Smartphone

The Chinese brand ZTE made history by presenting its ZTE Axon M, a folding terminal capable of becoming a 6.75-inch tablet, closing on itself and becoming a conventional smartphone with a 5.2-inch screen. The first of its kind, although with a design that seems to be closer to two mobiles than to actually place a flexible screen, the latter is the goal of Samsung, which already presented at the SID 2017 event several flexible OLED displays of different sizes , including a of 5,09 inches that also shows a stereoscopic 3D without glasses as Nintendo 3DS.

A flexible mobile phone is the key to the Korean brand, which is saved as a wallet and when opened it turns from smartphone to tablet. Its ace in the sleeve seems to be the Samsung Galaxy X, which we have spoken several times. Although to get to this model -and other patented-, the brand has had to develop several proposals before. Like the Samsung Project V, Samsung’s first attempt to conceive a folding mobile.
Samsung Project V

Filtered a few days ago by SlashLeaks , the Project V is in appearance of a smartphone with a design similar to the Samsung phones of 2016 – it would be the year it was designed – although two important details: a fairly wide body design compared to the Current Galaxy and Note, and an extra screen attached to the terminal via a hinge, like the Axon M. When opened, we have as a result a double main screen, and when closing it activates the simple display.

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Although the Korean brand points to a smartphone with a flexible panel without hinges, this Samsung Project V shows that it is a primitive design before thinking about the use of folding screens without a doubt. We have no hope of seeing the Galaxy X this year, but will Samsung present it in 2019, or is there still time to jump into that futuristic technology?

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