Music will be the new cell phone charger

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An English university works on a prototype to charge batteries with sound.

The charger that works with sound
The low battery is a constant problem for smartphone users who are forced to carry their chargers and look for plugs everywhere to recharge their cell phones.
The terror of not being able to send messages or take selfies has generated a whole market of wireless chargers, which includes devices capable of operating with solar energy.
Recently, scientists from Queen Mary University in London (United Kingdom) have worked on a revolutionary prototype capable of charging batteries using sound waves, which means that the noise of a conversation will be able to give energy to the cell phone.
The device, called ‘nanogenerator’ ,  is a plastic sheet that has a sheet sprinkled with small Zinc bars and generates electricity when they are stretched or crushed. This process is called piezoelectric energy production. According to the scientists of the project, such a method is capable of generating five volts, the same as a wall charger.
The study has shown that the sound of music is what works best to generate the load, especially pop music.
The university is working together with Nokia on the development of the prototype, but it is still too early to declare the traditional charger obsolete. The study phase continues to know the true effectiveness of sound loading. Its developers have declared that the human voice, traffic and Lady Gaga will be able to revive the cell phone battery.
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