Google Home and Google WiFi

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Google Home and Google WiFi, price and features of the smart speaker Google

Home. Our house is a special place for all of us: this is where the day begins and ends; it is here where we find ourselves performing many of our daily activities; and this is where we spend special moments with family and friends. Would not it be good if we had additional help that allowed us to live it to the fullest? For example to play your favorite music while you cook, to check the traffic while you dress or to lower the lights while you settle on the sofa to watch a series

Google Home, the smart speaker

In the midst of intelligent speakers , a ‘smart speaker’ is the cheapest way to have a domotic home based on an Artificial Intelligence that controls everything . And finally, the giant of the Network has brought his Google Home to Spain, the first intelligent speaker with voice control from Google , and Google Home Mini, the smallest and most compact version, perfect for all rooms in the house. Home is a real assistant for the home, starting with having the Google assistant integrated, so it can help you in the countless activities of the day: start by saying “Ok Google” and let it take care of the rest.

The device includes a built-in long-range speaker that offers clear high tones and deep bass for high-fidelity sound transmitted over Wi-Fi. The device can also receive the “Ok Google” command while listening to music or doing other activities, thanks to Google’s long-range microphones and natural language processing. In case you are interested, here is a first opinion of the Google Home that the experts of ADSL Zone have already been able to prove.

Home Mini, the mobile version

Google Home comes to the country along with Google Home Mini, the ‘mobile’ version and more accessible due to its small and compact size , which makes it perfect for all rooms in the home. It is elegant and simple, without borders, and retains all the features of Google Home, but in smaller dimensions. It works alone or it can be connected to others, so you can receive different commands in each space. In Spain it is available in light gray, anthracite gray and coral.

Price of Home and Home Mini

Thanks to voice match, you can configure up to 6 different profiles in the same Google Home so that each of these users get a complete personalized experience that will include all their Google assistant universe. Google Home and Google Homi Mini will be available as of today in Spain at € 149 and € 59 respectively at Carrefour, El Corte Ingles, Fnac, Media Markt, Orange Spain, PC Components and Worten, as well as at the Google store itself.

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Google WiFi, faster Internet

The problem with traditional routers is that they can not manage all the demands we make on Wi-Fi , so we end up having connections that fail and areas where the network simply does not arrive. Google Wifi works like a connected system, distributing the signal to every corner of your house : you can manage several devices by streaming, downloading or sharing content at the same time.

Google WiFi, the Google router


Google WiFi, the Google router

Includes Network Assist technology, developed to provide you with a fast and secure network and does not require anything from you. Work behind the scenes to maximize the signal so it stays strong regardless of the number of devices and where they are located. You get the highest speed because Network Assist puts you in the strongest Wi-Fi signal, uses the optimal bandwidth for your device and transitions from one signal to another uninterruptedly while you move around your house.

The Google Wifi application allows you to control the use you make of your Wi-Fi: you can see the devices that are connected and how much bandwidth they consume and prioritize the higher speed signal for the device you need most at a certain moment. In addition, you will not need to juggle to access your Wi-Fi password when sharing it with friends or visitors since you can share this information from the app itself . Finally, it includes a series of configurations for the family that allow managing the time children spend connected, for example pausing the signal during dinner time or bedtime.

Google Wifi will be commercialized from today on line and in the next days in physical stores for 139 euros a unit package and 359 the package of 3 units in Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Fnac, Media Markt, Orange Spain, PC Components and Worten.

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