First impressions and testing of NVIDIA's 360Hz esports display

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The new gaming screen NVIDIA Rog Swift 360 with the full 360 Hz refresh rate landed – here are the first impressions and tests.

NVIDIA Swift 360

NVIDIA Swift 360


NVIDIA presented an esport gaming screen with 360 Hz refresh rate at this year's CES 2020. Even experienced gamers wondered a little, because in fact, no one had asked for a gamer screen with such a high refresh rate.

Now, users may not always know what they need until they see a product with features and features that they haven't asked for, but the initial reactions to the new NVIDIA Swift 360 Hz display, made with Asus doesn't seem like a screen that puts new standards into practice for the gaming experience for regular gamers – for professional esports gamers it might provide an advantage.

Esport has grown enormously with millions of dollars in prizes and sponsorships, so having the best possible equipment is crucial.

The ROG Swift 360Hz screen is at 24.5 inches with full HD resolution. NVIDIA states that they have prioritized refresh rate higher than resolution, as they have not yet been able to determine if 4K resolution enhances the gaming experience. But what do the first impressions and tests of the NVIDIA Rog Swift 360 say?

The first impressions and tests of the NVIDIA ROG Swift 360

Engadget writes in their first impressions and tests of the NVIDIA Rog Swift 360 that you can't really see the big difference in screen quality compared to a gaming screen with 240 Hz refresh rate.

It's a bit in the petitesse department, the verdict reads. And yet not. Because in a game like Counter-Strike, it still feels like the higher refresh rate makes the animations get faster, so you have more time to hit with a shot, for example. After all, it seems like a real and important improvement.

NVIDIA itself states that a screen with 360 Hz update increases the accuracy of, for example, shooting games by 4 percent compared to screens with 240 Hz update of the screen. It may not sound like much to ordinary users, but for professional esports athletes it can probably make a big difference and be decisive for whether you are victorious or suffering defeat.

Extremetech is more skeptical and says 360 Hz screens are probably overkill for most game titles. They also state that you probably can't handle as many frame updates per second on any current GPU in a game as Red Dead Redemption 2.

However, they admit that improvements can be experienced in games like CS: GO and Overwatch, where removing a few milliseconds delay in screen updating can ensure that you hit with a shot you would otherwise have missed.

But they state that one must have a very powerful GPU to take advantage of 360 frames per second no matter what game one is playing.

NVIDIA Swift 360 is made by ASUS.

NVIDIA Swift 360 is made by ASUS.

Photo: ASUS

360 Hz screen for professional esports gamers

The conclusion from the first impressions and tests of the NVIDIA Rog Swift 360 must be that ordinary gamers do not need a screen with 360 Hz refresh rate, but if you are a professional esports gamer, then it can actually provide a real advantage as the picture is ready a split second faster than on 240 Hz screens.

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