5 advantages of using Cloud Computing in your business

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The Internet is one of the most impressive and infinite scientific developments of the human being. Its scope is surprisingly broad from the point of view of the services that through this network can be managed. A network that was initially thought to share files and basic codes between users, nowadays offers us multiple opportunities. The Cloud Computing or cloud computing is one of them, then we will see the advantages of using it .

Many companies are increasingly choosing to place their processes and information on the web, instead of managing them locally. This is due to the multiple advantages that the service offers, advantages that can not only be viewed from the point of view of storage. It is necessary that we show you below what Cloud Computing is about, and its implications.

What is Cloud Computing?

It is a method of working and managing digital resources that consists of placing administrative, operational, production and advertising information on online servers for administration . It is really considered a service, so many companies are responsible for offering other companies the tools and instructions to use it.

Software as a service

It is the work mode where the software that controls the processes of the company is hosted in the cloud . The cloud services company provides the software service so that other companies work on it.

Platform as a service

It consists of providing the client with a series of development and programming tools so that he can build his work environment. For this , specialized technical advice is available , however, the client must have highly trained personnel in software development and engineering.

Let’s see some things we can do with Cloud Computing without necessarily having a huge infrastructure in our business:

  • Management of corporate databases.
  • Control of production processes remotely.
  • Entrepreneurship of the company’s growth projects.
  • Management of the security of the data and ideas developed.

All these tasks can be started up if Cloud Computing is chosen as a working model. Many companies start looking at information and news from the Internet . Then they migrate their processes gradually to the services in the cloud, and in this way they can monitor their performance and advantages , and then migrate completely.

Types of Cloud Computing model


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Since the implementation of this ingenious way of working, some modalities have been derived in terms of access or type of community to access or interact in the cloud. In this sense, we currently find Private Clouds, Public Clouds and Hybrid Clouds . Let’s see some examples of Cloud Computing :

Private clouds

They are services that are offered by individuals and individuals, where a direct contract is established or between the bidding company and the plaintiff. In this mode, the user who hires the service will not have to share their assigned space or platform with any other individual.

Public clouds

These are communities of development that place at the disposal of many companies and businesses the possibility of shared access to Cloud Computing services. In this modality, support, interaction and space are shared, which can be seen as a disadvantage. However, the costs are quite affordable.

Hybrid clouds

They are a mixture of public and private spaces on the web for Cloud Computing services. In this case, users can share resources, space and platform with other users, but there will also be the possibility of hiring some specific services that are exclusively private.

5 Advantages of using Cloud Computing in your business

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Certainly, cloud computing is a great opportunity for development and organization for a growing business. Although many see Cloud Computing as a cumbersome and somewhat risky process, the advantages offered far outweigh the fears that revolve around it. Let’s see the 5 main advantages of using it in your business.

1.- Relatively low costs

When comparing the costs that it would mean to invest in infrastructure and human resources to carry out certain tasks in our business, we will realize that with cloud computing we will be saving significantly . Companies, individuals, and development communities that offer Cloud Computing services have invested in infrastructure and operating platforms that you can use without problems.

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Many companies that plan to adapt to the Cloud Computing model, perform a thorough study of costs and benefits where they can determine mathematically if it is profitable from the financial point of view to migrate to this service. For most entrepreneurs, it is objectively profitable to contract services in the cloud after verifying the objectives of their analysis.

2.- Quick adaptability

Sometimes, migrating technology in a business environment is quite cumbersome and delayed. However, if it is about starting with Cloud Computing this is not the case. In general, companies that offer cloud computing services have a well-developed and refined process manual, with adequate rules and procedures so that there is no place for delays or errors.

Once subscribed to Cloud Computing services, a series of steps will be available to you, as well as a qualified staff to articulate the processes you wish to place in the cloud.

This could be called an “assisted migration “, an initiative that facilitates the adaptability of the contracting company and of all its personnel to the new work style. However, there are other factors that determine how fast the adaptation process will be, one of the most influential is the willingness to change by the personnel involved from the contracting company.

3.- Security

One of the fundamental concerns of any business or project is the security of your data. If you are thinking about hiring Cloud Computing services you should know that the security of your data is guaranteed. The procedures and security techniques of the providers of these services have been optimized every day. Security techniques are used to ensure the integrity and accessibility of information in an efficient and timely manner. Among the security techniques used are:

  • Encryption of passwords.
  • Backup of data in several servers.
  • Structuring of appropriate user levels.
  • Firewalls, antivirus and protection techniques against server attacks.

All these protective measures, and a qualified staff that permanently monitors the actions of those involved, guarantee the integrity of the data and operations.

4.- Automatic updates

When you access the Cloud Computing services, you are also accessing possible updates necessary for the proper functioning of your company and the systems used in it. It is comforting to know that you do not have to be aware of managing the appropriate updates for your processes as they are required.

In the software as well as in the service, as in the platform as a service, the updates will be up to the provider. This guarantees the proper functioning and operability of the required transactions. It is also a determining factor when it comes to being at the forefront of technology, because with Cloud Computing services we will be sure to be part of the pioneers in the technological field.

5.- Ability to customize the environment

Contrary to what is believed, the platforms based on Cloud Computing services are highly customizable. At present, clients are offered the possibility of adapting their work environment in the desired way and from various points of view. Let’s take a look at the different customization options that we can find in the work environments in the cloud:

  • Appearance: From the style mode of the work modules you can customize your applications. There are different themes and templates to choose from.
  • Transaction model: You can choose different work architectures that adapt to the tasks you require. You can also expand the functions of the modules, making them more functional according to your requirements.
  • Security: You can manage in a personalized way the security levels and the users with restricted access to the different operations of your company.

As you have been able to observe, the advantages of using Cloud Computing services are really profitable. It’s time for you to start thinking about the option to use these services for your business.

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