How to train boxing at home without equipment

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How to train boxing at home without equipment

Boxing is a cardiovascular workout that can be done in the comfort of your own home, without the use of equipment. You can believe that you need to have a heavy bag or at least a small speed bag to start boxing, but it is not like that. Shadow boxing (combat with imaginary opponent) does not require any equipment, box with your shadow or with an imaginary person. Beginners and advanced use this form of boxing to practice their technique. You do not really need to see your shadow, you can stand in front of a large mirror or just in a large, open space.

Focus on a single movement for a round, like the hook to the chin. After that, move on to another movement, like the blow or a fist. This will help you learn the movements and focus on the technique. After completing one round of each movement, try different combinations for a few rounds.

Throw as many punches as possible in a round of boxing speed. This form of shadow boxing will not only make your heart pump, it will also improve your head movements. You must continue to focus on the moves to ensure that you are performing correctly, but your main priority is to throw as many punches as possible in a round. At the end of the round, take a quick respite or move to the right in the next series. Try to perform different movements each time and count how many you have made so that you can control your performance and compare it with future workouts.

Concentrate on your feet with shadow boxing movements. This form of boxing does not require you to start throwing punches at the moment. Focus on your boxing stance and how you are really moving. You can move from side to side, forward, pivot and so on. As you begin to feel that your footwork is sufficient, add some fists and blows.

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Train yourself with an imaginary adversary looking at your reflection in the mirror or just imagining someone. In the mirror, you can see every movement you make and criticize your own technique. Even imagining a rival will allow you to focus on your movements and realize when you leave your body free or do not give your hits on the target.

Perform all movements in slow motion when you really want to focus your energy on your technique. Go through all the movements, but very slowly, ensuring that your technique is perfect. A good technique will lead to speed.


A round is usually three minutes long.


Always consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.

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