How much does a professional boxer win?

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How much does a professional boxer win?

Professional boxers are among the highest paid professional athletes in the world, some of the highest paid boxers earn millions of dollars in just one or two fights a year. Of course, not all professional fighters have extravagant salaries or all fight a limited number of fights. Some professional boxers fight as much as they can to survive.

Determination of payment

The difficulty in determining the pay of professional boxers is that there are many federations in which the fighters participate, not to mention the fact that many fighters earn a minimum amount of money until they fight to be among the best. Most boxers are paid for combat. This is called a “prize fight” and the winner of each prize usually receives the “bag,” a predetermined prize that generally distinguishes the winner from the loser of the fight in terms of pay. Professional junior-league fighters usually earn considerably less than the most famous and best-ranked fighters, who can earn millions a year.

Profit scale

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides information on the pay of professional athletes of all sports that includes both low-level and high-level payments. According to the Bureau, the payment of all professional athletes is generally in the range of between US $ 15,000 to US $ 166,400 per year, with a reported average salary of US $ 40,480. In an April 2008 article on the Yahoo Sports website, Kevin Lole reported his findings about the Nevada Athletic Commission, in which Bernarnd Hopkins and Joe Calzaghe received payments of $ 3 million each for their fight. of 2008. Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel received US $ 3 million and US $ 1 million respectively for a fight. However, the next highest paid boxer of that event only won $ 20. 000 and the rest earned less than US $ 5,000. The number of boxers with low pay may depend on how much they can fight and win.

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The best paid

The best-paid fighters are usually the ones who fight the least and earn the most money in just a few fights a year transmitted by pay-per-view. In 2009, the magazine Forbes indicated the profits of the professional athletes, within which there were two boxers among the best 20 of the year. Forbes mentioned that Many Pacquiao and Oscar de la Hoya won the most among professional boxers with US $ 40 million and US $ 32 million respectively. The numbers that Pacquiao and de la Hoya won were partly due to their popularity, as millions of dollars went through the purchase of their fights on a pay-per-view basis. However, sponsorship gains were also factors in the amount that each boxer won.


The Rasmussen University reported that the chances of becoming a professional athlete are 24,550 to one. The road to becoming a professional boxer is arduous. Professional boxers come to professional rankings through a combination of training, luck and having some contacts. Being with the indicated promoter or coach can be the difference to have a chance to reach the rankings, but boxers still need to win fights. The International Boxing Federation, the World Boxing Association and the World Boxing Council are considered as the three most important organizations in terms of professional boxing fights. Membership fees are normally required to be a member of these organizations and being licensed to box is a generally required requirement in states that allow professional boxing fights. Boxers usually hire experienced coaches and promoters to prepare and promote them in their careers.

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