Boxing for people over 50 years of age

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Boxing for people over 50 years of age

Boxing is often seen as a sport for young people. Boxers over the age of 34 are not allowed to compete in the Olympics. Boxing is the only sport in which, repeatedly hitting your head, is part of the competition and many people think that this is simply too dangerous after a certain age. However, some boxers love the sport so much that they do not want to leave it. Some people even adopt sports already late in their lives.

Senior fighters

Unlike Olympic boxing, the professional does not set an age limit. However, there is still a vision that boxers over the age of 50 should retire. When professional boxer Thomas Hearns announced that at 50 he was looking for another fight, even his own coach did not support his intention. Hearns had a professional record of 61 wins and 5 losses, with 48 won by knockout, but still his coach thought he was too old to fight again. This opinion is broad in boxing, although some fights between older boxers still occur.

The rules

According to the rules of the USA Boxing, fighters can compete at any age but only against opponents within the range of 10 years at their own age. A 50-year-old boxer would not be allowed to fight with someone 20 or 30 years old or against someone 60 years old. Boxers over age 35 are competing in the so-called “Master Circuit”. The boxers of this circuit or Masters, as they are known, represent a large percentage of the clientele of some boxing gyms.


Boxers over 50 years of age must overcome the stereotype that they are too old to be effective fighters, or that they are participating only because of a life crisis. Although there is a wide perception that a boxer’s skills decrease after the age of 35, this can be a self-prophecy. When a boxer reaches that age and everyone tells him that his skills will begin to diminish, there is a temptation to stop practicing at the same level of intensity. The lack of practice is then the cause of the decrease in skills.

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Boxing for conditioning

Boxing includes many good heart exercises such as jumping rope and working with the punching bag. It can help with weight loss and overall fitness and many gyms offer boxing training programs that do not require entering the ring and fighting. If you want to compete in boxing after the age of 50, it may be possible to box in the Master’s Circuit. If your only goal is to stay in shape, most gyms welcome people of any age.

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