6 tips to reconquer as a couple

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It is a different option to improve the relationship between couples, with the “plus” that it is an idea for women to change their outlook, their habits and use different topics that can enrich the conversation with her husband.

Have you ever felt that your partner prefers to watch television than to listen to you? Do you remember when they met? That time when the appointments were prolonged for hours and hours, talking without losing the interest of both parties? That was far away. But, why is the change?

All stages in a person’s life evolve, from birth to death, is part of a natural process. As one grows, one moves from one stage to another and, consequently, changes ensue to reach an adjustment for each phase. However, when forming a family, when a woman enters the stage of wife and mother, usually suffer a stagnation if you do not add other elements to your life.

When the husband arrives from work, for example, it is customary to talk about the expenses at home, the price increase in the pantry, the behavior of the children and in case you also work, because they talk about work, and the enormous fatigue involved in taking charge of the order of the house when combining both activities.

Over time these issues become monotonous. Do not forget that a man is not only captivated by a beautiful face, an exceptional mother and an excellent housewife; He also finds it attractive to have a woman with whom he can talk about different topics and who can develop in any place.

As a family, it is undoubtedly essential to involve the husband in the behavior and development of the children, but it is also essential to have variety in the topics and interests that are discussed and discussed. What can be done for this purpose? First, you must be aware that it is not necessary to attend any class or course to get it, no, it is not about going back to school; you simply have to change some habits and add other activities. Let’s see:

1. The letter that captivates

A super powerful and easy to read weapon, and in this there are a variety of options: they can be novels, stories, texts of improvement, biographies, poetry, an interesting article or any text that can be shared as a couple. Keep in mind that a woman who reads, captivates.

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2. Voluntary stay

3. Another option is to watch a movie, either alone or accompanied

In case of bending for the second option it is advisable to make a special appointment: choose the title and the place before to take advantage of the time one hundred percent. On the choice of the film it is best to take turns. Remember that the important thing is to live with the couple and comment impressions, and not the fact of seeing who decides which movie.

4. Histrionic art

A play This option is recommended to do even once a month, since at its end there is nothing more pleasant than going to dinner with the couple and comment on the staging: the performance of the actors, the plot, the scenery, the choreography, the music , etc.

5. Of bombs and cymbals. This option is excellent when the two share similar tastes in musical matters. And it can have as final a delicious dinner to exchange views on the show.

6. Share at home

Many couples usually have favorite shows and watch them separately (series, sports, history, cooking, etc.), not bad, but why should it always be like that? Why not accompany the husband from time to time to See a program without criticizing your tastes? Make an attempt to see them and comment on them.

To converse. Another option, which was mentioned at the beginning, could be to talk about work; However, touching this issue is not always favorable, since women may be able to function as catharsis but with men it is not always the case. For them it means to remind them of a problem, an issue that only they will know when and how to solve. It’s never too late to turn your life around; everything that serves to improve the relationship of couple and, therefore, of the family, is worth trying. All the activities you do as a couple will help them to put aside problems, to get to know each other better, to admire your husband (and vice versa) and to remind him day by day why it is special for you. Trying it can give them a more interesting and fun life. Surprise him! Or better yet: be surprised both!

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