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Although Apple has been in the news this week for various reasons since it announced its earnings, there are two major announcements Influences your Apple experience, We wanted to take a moment to highlight them.

Apple is ending its free iTunes radio service.

As of today, Apple has discontinued the free advertising-supported version of iTunes. Beats 1 is freely available. Please note that if you have previously created your own stations with iTunes Radio or filled in missing tracks in your albums with the “Match” service, you will be redirected to the premium Apple Music Service. Please take a look at our article, which lists some of the options available to you.

Is Beats 1 the only option after Jan 28th?

Apple product recalls

This product recall only affects these adapter units that were sold outside of the United States. If you bought a Mac or iPad, you should check this and get the new units. Apple is recalling the power plug due to electrical shock problems. Recall affects users in continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea and other countries.

Reminder, Mac Logic Card Replacement Reminder – late February


Among other news that will impact our experience, Apple has released the second beta version of iOS 9.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for public beta testers. Changes include an updated control center, night shift mode, and other fixes. For this version there is no news about “battery draining”. After upgrading to iOS 9.2.1, the problem continues

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