i3 for Apple’s auto project is speculation

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Earlier this week news reports said that Apple and BMW were talking about using BMW’s i3 vehicles as the basis for Apple’s own auto project, codenamed Titan. In addition, various reports have reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook and some Apple executives recently visited BMW’s German i3 manufacturing facility.

BMW i3

We turned to BMW about this exciting news. A BMW spokesman told us that the latest news could be: “Can be traced back to the broad field of speculation about BMW i”.

It is clear that BMW is contesting the discussion with Apple about the development of the Apple car project. BMW may not want to help a potential future competitor.

It is not clear whether Apple is developing an electric car. However, it is rumored that this project was approved by Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2004 and that many Apple engineers are working on this project.

It is clear that Apple is very interested in cars. Apple recently hired several automotive veterans. It’s also important to note that Apple’s CarPlay auto software is already available from several automakers.

Will Apple launch an electric vehicle?

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