🥇 Discharging the iPhone battery after the update to iOS 4.3

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Increased battery consumption has been reported after practically every release of iOS, although this is the case for many iPhone users better Battery life after updates. Still, Apple has had battery issues since iOS 4.0 was released. The following are just a few of the many user complaints:

iOS 4.3 runs out of battery
iOS 4.3 runs out of battery
iOS 4.2.1 battery consumption
New iOS 4.1 is a KILLER battery!
iOS 4.1 discharges the battery
In iOS 4.0.1 the battery is empty very quickly

Read our previous articles on iOS 4.0.1, 4.1 and 4.2.1 updates and the related problems with battery consumption give tips for extending the battery life of an iPhone. Here are some more suggestions on how to fix this common problem (make sure to restart iPhone after each step by holding down the Home and Sleep buttons until you see an Apple logo):

  1. Turn iPhone off and on again.
  2. Go to Settings> General> Reset and select Reset network settings.
  3. Go to Settings and turn off notifications. If this fixes the problem, faulty application is to blame.
  4. Find the application that is causing the problem. Presumably, suspicious programs like Pandora are streaming. social networking applications such as Facebook, Yahoo and Skype; or other data-intensive programs, including Dataman and Game Center. To deactivate Game Center, you need to go to Settings> Restrictions and deactivate multiplayer games. This action ends a background process that is not shown in the quick launch bar.
  5. Delete the Exchange account, if it exists, and restart it. then add it back.
  6. Go to Settings> Email> MobileMe and disable the Find my iPhone feature.
  7. Install this configuration profile from Apple: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3398 and restart your iPhone.
  8. If none of the suggestions above resolve the problem, restore it using a backup (see the Resources section below).
  9. Restore to iTunes as new without using a backup (you may have corrupted data in your backup). This should be a last resort, as applications and music have to be added manually again and application settings are lost (see the Resources section below for more information).

Please go to http://www.apple.com / feedback to alert Apple of the battery issue. Hopefully they will release iOS 4.3.1 soon and the problem will be fixed. When charging an iPhone, do not forget that the device can be fully charged.


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