🥇 Apple patent application for 3D camera and user interface for CarPlay and Apple Watch

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today released an Apple patent application that describes key advances in existing 3D parallax effects using 3D cameras.

The patent describes a 3D user interface that can be used by a personal computer (i.e., an iPhone, a Mac computer, or even a vehicle system) that uses a 2D display.

Apple 3D Display - Image 3

The patent describes how the device moves effects on the “virtual” 3D representation of elements of the graphical user interface. Much of the patent text is similar to Apple’s existing patents for the 3D motion parallax effect, which you can use without the iPhone. However, the existing patent did not protect all claims. Further details have been added in this new patent, e.g. B. Infrared sensors for the front camera.

Apple 3D Display - Image 1

A 3D display for a variety of purposes

An important innovation is that: The method for a graphical user interface according to claim 1, wherein the device comprises: a computer monitor, a clock, a music player, a television screen or a dashboard display in a car or other vehicle; Emphasize the fact that Apple wants to protect its technology for use in future products like the iMac or even a future version of Apple TV.

Apple 3D Display - Image 2

Another new claim is “The non-volatile program storage device of claim 15, wherein at least one of the optical sensors comprises: a front-facing camera, an image sensor, a two-dimensional camera, a stereoscopic camera, an infrared camera, a proximity sensor, a video camera or a laser. .

A 3D camera is a great addition to the patent, given that Apple acquired PrimeSense, which was originally designed for Google’s Project Tango, a smartphone with a 3D rear camera. This seems to indicate that Apple intends to install a 3D camera in the future. Now other companies have launched phones and tablets (e.g. the Amazon Fire Phone). It’s only a matter of time before Apple introduces one.

Patent credits

Apple credits Ricardo Motta, Mark Zimmer, Geoff steel, David Hayward and Frank Doepke as the inventor of U.S. patent application 20150009130, which was originally filed in July 2014.


Apple recently received a patent for a 3D display, which you can read here.

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