Three Easy Exercises For Bone Strengthening

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You might feel it when you start. The three workouts to be introduced this time are “movement with a strong impact on the body”, making bones, strengthening connective tissues (tissues other than epithelium, muscle, nerves) and muscles. So it’s much easier to walk faster.

As jumping (jumping up) also becomes the practice of landing, reflexes will improve and it will be hard to fall. Each exercise for 15 to 30 seconds, up to 1 minute. However, it is not recommended for those with problems with joints.

Straight jump (Jump directly above)


A. Stand up with your feet aligned, and bend your knees as the buttocks slightly lower. Stretch your back straight and hang your arms straight down.

B. Bounce with arm and jump up high above. Lower your arms, bend your knees and land, continue this jump.

Side hop (jump one foot)


A. In a standing position, bend your arms so that the elbow becomes 90 degrees and make a fist. Lower the hips a little, transfer the weight to the right foot, and lift the left foot 30 cm from the floor. While pushing up the arms (until the fist comes around the ears), hop to the left (one leg jumps).

B. While jumping up, change the raising leg and landing with the left foot (the left knee is bent when you get off). Continue hopping alternately left and right.

Jumping Ranges

Stand your left leg forward and bend the knee so that the thighs of the left leg are parallel to the floor (be careful not to leave the left knee in front of the toe), pull the right foot back toe and We support (a kind of weight training “posture of” lance “). Arms bent their elbows as they did when they ran. Jump up as it is, change front and rear legs and arms, landing on the right leg front and the left foot behind. I repeat this jump and run.

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