Which lamp do I choose for my living room?

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Types of lamp

Lamps are an important and necessary part of our houses. Apart from its practicality, we are lucky that there are beautiful and really incredible designs. The only bad part of having to choose a lamp is that there are too many options and it is difficult to decide on the most appropriate one. That’s why today we are going to review different types of lamps depending on the decorative style we have at home. We are going to focus on one of the most important areas for the time we spend in it, theliving room . Also, it’s usually the area that our guests see before and where we usually hang out with them, so we want it to make a good impression, right?

What lamp do I choose for my living room?

We will focus on ceiling lamps , as they are one of the items that stands out when entering any room, but most tips can also be applied to auxiliary lamps. As in any choice of furniture or decoration, the first thing we have to do is look at the space where our new piece will go. We will consider the size we need for our new lamp and where it will be placed. Once we have this clear, the next step is to look around that place. Depending on the rest of the decoration and the style of the room, we will choose one type of lamp or another. Let’s see the options that can arise according to the style of our room.

  • Bohemian

If boho -style plants and furniture dominate our living room , an ethnic or bohemian lamp will be the ideal one. Choose natural materials such as rattan or raffia and, if it fits, dare with colors of nature such as green or yellow.

  • Nordic

If what you like are spaces with no recharge and with white as the dominant color, you need a Nordic style lamp . Decántate for geometric shapes and wood or metal and choose a light piece. You can use your lamp to add some color.

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What lamp do I choose for my living room according to my decorative style?

  • Industrial

When the loft style ambient our house, our lamps should be industrial style. Go straight to the metal in black, gray, brown, even aged look if we like it. If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings, you can go for a big and rough piece, it will be the icing on your living room.

What lamp do I choose for my living room?

  • Of design

If the design pieces flood your home, it could not be less with the choice of your lighting. There are lamps of varied design and many of them would be good in any well-kept and well decorated room. A luxury that any lover of decoration would want at home.

Which lamp I choose according to my decorative style

  • Classic

If your thing is elegance and clean decoration of neutral colors, decantate for a lamp of classic style. The chandelier type will be the most suited to your room. You can choose type chandelier with crystals or other materials such as wood or porcelain.

What lamp do I choose for my living room?

  • Vintage

If you like the old and your room is full of recovered pieces, choose a lamp in vintage style . With an aged finish and Edison type light bulb in sight you will get the antique effect you want in your decoration.

Which lamp do I choose according to the style of my living room?

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