Types of windows: an option for every need

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There are many models of openings and materials and formats of the most varied. What you should know to decide which window to put.

When it comes to building or remodeling our home we have to think about everything. A lot of decisions are imposed on things that we do not understand and that, at the same time, involve large expenses. The perfect example are the types of windows , the materials by which you can choose and others. We bring you information to solve faster and better.

There are no houses without openings but, until we are forced to define a model, we can not imagine the amount of alternatives offered by the market. The options are many: we can get different types according to their material or the place of the home where we are going to locate them, the way they open and several other things.

window models


Window types according to their material

At present we can find multiple models of windows or windows made of the most diverse materials. However, the most popular are those made with wood, PVC or aluminum. We review the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

Aluminum windows

This type of window is an excellent alternative for those who are in a process of remodeling or construction of the home. It is a strong and resistant material that adapts to any geographical area, since it tolerates optimal changes in temperature, solar radiation and climatic unforeseen events.

Among the aluminum ones, those with a thermal bridge break are highlighted, which generally have better insulation levels. On the other hand, it should be noted that they are manufactured in a wide range of colors and finishes, which makes them perfect for fans of decoration. In addition, they usually have aluminum enclosures, which are usually of very good quality.

aluminum enclosures


PVC windows

PVC is a thermoplastic material obtained from vinyl chloride and has become a great ally of the current construction. The windows made with this element offer great insulation and have evolved a lot since its entry into the market.

They are very popular thanks to their capacity of soundproofing, their ease of maintenance and their ability to adapt to the most diverse styles of decoration. Their cost is relatively low, so they are an excellent option for those who have a limited budget.

Wooden windows

If the price does not worry us so much, we can choose to use wooden windows in our home. This material is highly aesthetic and gives a rustic but elegant air to the house. This element is a great natural insulator, so it can be a great solution for places with extreme temperatures.

The biggest disadvantage of openings made of wood is that they require periodic maintenance. In addition, being a natural component, they are especially sensitive to deterioration caused by the sun, microorganisms and the passage of time.

wooden windows


Types of window according to the form of opening

Another aspect that we have to consider is what type of opening they have. It is essential to keep this point in mind if we do not have a lot of space or if we are going to place large furniture in an area, because the opening inwards steals a good space.

  • Sliding : this type of window opens with a horizontal slip. Its main virtue is that it does not occupy additional space when opened. This is perfect for areas with limited space for columns, corners or furniture. However, it has its weak points: among them, that the opening angle is limited to a leaf, that the closure is not hermetic and that the leaves of the frame have to be removed to clean completely.
  • Folding : they have a lateral form of opening of the leaves. These models occupy space when opened and, therefore, it is necessary to place them in places where there is no obstacle. On the other hand, the hinged model offers a full opening angle and hermetic closure.
  • Hinges : these are models with an inclined opening towards the inside. They do not allow lean out, but if we are looking for bathroom windows or  kitchen windows , it is an ideal model.
  • Oscilobatientes : they work with a system super versatile, that allows so much the lateral opening as the tilted towards the interior. They are perfect for airing without the need to open the window and have excellent sound insulation.
  • Osciloparalelas : these models combine two types of opening, the sliding and the inclined towards the interior. They are very popular because they are super adaptable.
  • Pivotantes : in this type of opening, the leaf of the window rotates around a central axis. It is very common in basements or ceilings.
  • Combined : these openings integrate different sheets with different ways of opening in the same model: tilt-and-turn, sliding, folding, tilt-and-turn or even fixed in the same type of window. They are widely used for their aesthetic value.

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pvc windows


Types of windows for windows

Once the material and the frame model have been resolved, we have to start paying attention to the glass that we put in our opening. It is a fundamental aspect, since it makes the acoustic and climatic isolation. There are two basic types: the simple and the double.

  • Simple crystal : it is a unique glass sheet.
  • Double glass windows: they  are composed of two or more glass sheets separated by a dehydrated air chamber or gas. Its main advantage is that it offers much greater thermal and acoustic insulation than simple glass.

But the insulation does not depend only on the layers of glass but on the thickness and type of glass. The general principle indicates that the greater the thickness of the crystals and the greater the space between them, the greater the insulation. This generates greater energy efficiency.

types of windows for windows


Types of window glass

Finally, we have to consider the type of glass that we are going to place in the window. This choice directly affects the brightness of the house, so we have to take special care when doing it.

  • Transparent: it is the classic transparent glass. It offers a great luminosity but not necessarily the greatest isolation.
  • Tempered glass: it is a very strong and resistant type of glass. It is widely used in patio doors, balconies or patios.
  • Low emissive: it is a glass of high energy efficiency, with excellent thermal insulation that does not diminish in the amount of light that passes.
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