Lighting Bulb Ideas

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The Edison bubble that reprinted an Edison type bulb and the light bulb using a retro filament gather popularity in recent years may be proof that people are seeking the warm light that is warmer than the fluorescent light and the LED.

Perhaps the most important thing for lighting is the glowing part. It is a waste that there is not designed it. The D – DIGN Light series was born from such a concept.

If you look at this light bulb at a distance, “Where is the difference?” Will be, but as you approach it, it should be “Did you think so?”









Can you read it? The character of “idea” that shines in the bulb. Apart from whether it blinks sharply if under this light it will surely come up with a good idea, why.

D – DIGN Light was designed by twisting the filament part and writing it in a stroke style. By the way, this is also an LED light bulb. Can not you feel a little kind?

DOG, CAT, LOVE, HOME, IDEA and so on, designs are going to increase more and more in the future, but it would be better if we can make custom orders here. It seems that you can use various ways of use depending on your ideas, not just lighting.

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