Integrate your alarms for the home in the decoration of your house

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Integrate alarms for the home in your decoration

When we acquire a house, the first thing we do is to think about the furniture and the decoration and imagine the environments that we would like to implant in our new home. We invest a lot of time, effort, enthusiasm and money to make our house the idyllic place we had dreamed of but, do we stop to think about the alarms for the home ? 

Although it is not usually on our list of priorities from the first moment, the alarm is as important as any other, or even more important if we consider the true purpose and purpose of a private security system. After all, it’s about protecting our assets as well as the integrity of the people who matter most to us.

The fact that the alarms of yesteryear were so large and in many cases unsightly, causes a bit of rejection on the part of decoration lovers. Before putting an alarm at home involved the need to break roofs and walls to install the cables, but luckily times have changed and modern alarm security systems have nothing to do with those of before.

Current alarms are much more aesthetic, decorative and small.  In fact, they become so small that it is sometimes difficult to detect them or even remember their location. There are many people who after installation are not able to remember the location of the sensors, because we are talking about wireless equipment, tiny and truly discreet.

Actually, practically the only element that will be perceived is the control panel, which can be customized by adjusting both its shape and its color, according to the tastes of the client. In this way  the appliance can adapt to the aesthetics of the house or the environment of the place without highlighting at all on the rest of the components  of the same.

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Another point to highlight when we consider the installation of a security system in our home is precisely the installation itself, the incredible speed with which this process can be carried out. Fortunately, the fact that these systems are equipped with wireless technology and therefore do not require any cable connection, means that the installation can be completed in a matter of a few minutes.

The most important thing about all this change in the evolution and aesthetics of home security systems is that they are just as safe. The operation of the equipment at any time is altered by the reduced size of the same, is more, given the continuous development of technologies, alarms are increasingly accurate and secure.


In short, today  the security of our house  does not imply any change or repercussion in the decoration  of our home, rather the opposite,  it can be easily adapted to be part of it.

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