Ideas of small pools for the patio and garden

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Do you want a pool but do not have much space outside? Do not worry because you’ll see a lot of super nice ideas of small pools for the yard and home garden . They are pools of work created by professional designers, to inspire you and turn your garden into a resort .

It is not necessary to have an Olympic pool to enjoy the backyard, with a little creativity you can get things as cool as these. You will see that there are several sizes and several styles . Stay with the ones that best fit what you want, and go ahead with it.

Small pools for the patio or garden

If you also incorporate hot water, and create a Zen decoration, you can have your own SPA at home . But first let’s focus on the small pools for the garden or the patio.

Minimalist and modern designs

Like most modern homes, the secret is based on a simple, clean design, with straight lines and cubic shapes , surrounded by a garden. Let the pool look like an extension of the house and form a nice platform that acts as a transition zone between the home and the relaxation area.

Modern small pools for the backyard

The design of these pools should be rectangular or square , it takes better advantage of the space and creates a symmetrical visual effect typical of minimalist modern decoration . Accompany it with brown exterior wood flooring as you see in the images, or with well-kept green grass.

Minimalist small pools

Small rectangular outdoor pools

Swimming pools in a small garden

The size is not so important, you can not throw a few lengths, but they have a lot of advantages . They serve the same to cool in summer, the water is not so cold because the less heat before, and is cheaper to maintain.

Fall in love with the curves

Do not like such linear designs and prefer a more organic style? Well, a small pool with curves is a great option to decorate the garden as a resort in the Caribbean. And if you can afford it and put some waterfalls the result will be incredible . Call me and we have some mojitos!

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Swimming pools with outdoor waterfall

Small round pools for a resort in the garden

Small charming pools in the courtyard

Small round pools in the back garden

In these cases you have to go over the coconut to make it look good, it’s not as simple as putting wooden floors and plants. Exotic designs require a bit of landscaping , so it’s a good idea to get inspired by these photos and copy the designs as much as possible.

Deep pools for smaller yards

Maybe you are looking at the previous photos and thinking that even those pools are too big for your patio. Do not worry because there is also a solution. If you have a patio or a very small garden, you can install deep pools that cover up to the chest.

Deep raised small pools

Small high pools for garden

By not having to be stretched can fit several people at once. Even on the sides can have a kind of step to sit and be relaxed. Another option is to install a jacuzzi.

The decoration that surrounds it matters a lot

Do not think only about the small pool, think about the whole backyard or garden . The swimming pools, in addition to cooling down, can become the center of an outdoor leisure and relaxing area , such as being on holiday in your own home. You can go out to read when the weather is nice, take a nap, play with the kids, do summer parties.

Backyard design with construction pool

Small rectangular pools on the terrace

Small wooden pools in the garden

Nice small pools in the garden

You can put some outdoor sofas with a pergola, hammocks, a barbecue area, a small bar. Since you take the step and put a pool, do it well, decorate the surroundings, leave it beautiful, be the envy of your guests with an incredible garden.

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