How to make Making Christmas Candles with pictures

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Making Christmas candles

Make a Bethlehem

It is very close to Christmas. From Gran Velada we propose a tutorial to learn how to make a Bethlehem portal in wax, this simple step by step gives you as a result your own Christmas candles. As you will see below is a Christmas birth or Christmas portal made in candle, very, very easy to make, perfect to start in the world of candles ..

The necessary materials used in this step by step how to make a nativity portal are the following, by clicking on each one of them, you link with each of the materials in the online store, at the end of the post you also have a banner in If you click on them, all the products needed to make this tutorial appear in the cart of the online store.

The materials are the following:

  • 74º paraffin to make candles.
  • Silicone mold Birth.
  • Fine wick to make candles.
  • Aromatic essence of Coco (A choice).
  • Gold candlestick to make candles.

To make a creche portal in wax we need to use three different candle molds. for each of the figures. Silicone molds do not need any release agent, it can be used as is. We will have to first pass the wick through the two silicone molds of San José and the Virgin Mary.

While we are doing this step we will heat the 74º Paraffin in a saucepan to the fire. Heat the paraffin for candles, it is very simple .. tell you that you can never heat the microwave, the easiest way to do it at home, is taking an old saucepan that we have in the kitchen, we will put the paraffin in it and we will heat the fire. It is very important to be attentive to the pan, exactly as when we cook we are aware of the food to the fire.

Aided by a toothpick we will collect the excess wick or wick. We will have to be careful to leave the wick very well centered.

Recipe step by step to make Belen Christmas candle.
Step by step make old Christmas Belen.

Make Bethlehem portal

We will remove the paraffin from the fire, once this in liquid state around 75% of the paraffin of the pan, we can do it by eye, it is an approximate measurement, with the remaining heat even having turned off the kitchen, it will finish melting the paraffin that it could be solid. When I make candles I take advantage of telling you that there are two temperatures, the first is where we would cut the fire and the second would be the temperature from which we would pour. In this tutorial when using Paraffin 74º, we would have to heat the paraffin to about 92 / 94º Centigrade. Once it is completely liquid, we pour it into a glass, we recommend using disposable material for cleaning and taking advantage of the materials. We use the classic liter glasses that you can buy in any Chinese. We add the aromatic essence,

The amount of aromatic essence to use is a question always recurrent, it will always depend on what we want it to smell, although always bearing in mind that it can not be higher than 2% or 3% maximum. If you would like to make Christmas candles in some color, this would be the time to add the coloring to the candles. We have liquid and powder coloring, when we are new to the world of candles are much simpler to use liquids. It is important for both the essence and the candle dye to mix well that the paraffin is still at temperature, if you see that it does not dissolve correctly, it is due to a low temperature problem, it would be necessary to reheat the mixture, luckily nothing is thrown in the candles ..

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With care, pour the 74º Paraffin mixture with aromatic essence in the three molds. As you can see, one of the molds has rubbers around it, it occurs in many molds in 3 dimensions that, in order to demold comfortably, we need the mold to carry some slits that allow to remove the candle easily.

Step by step to make candlelight.
Second step tutorial make belen candle.

Once the mixture has lowered temperature inside the mold and before it has completely hardened, helped by a scissors, we will cut the wick a little below the upper edge of the Paraffin, so that the wick is inside the candle, with this allows the base to be without trace of the wick. The time it takes for the mixture of paraffin and essence to cool is directly proportional to the temperature until we have warmed them up and the ambient temperature of the place where you are making our Christmas candles.

When the Paraffin is completely cooled, it makes an effect that we call “rechupe”. This is an effect caused by the temperature difference in the Paraffin, since it occupies less space in the solid state than in the liquid state. It is one of the first doubts that arise when people start in the world of candles. It is solved, removing the excess wick as in step 5 and pouring a little more hot Paraffin as seen in the photo. To the extent that the pouring temperature is lower, the shrinkage intensity or simply disappears ..

It will be time to unmold the candles, as you can see in the photo we will remove the gummies and we will force a little the opening of the mold, in order to take out in this case the candle of San José.

Step three step by step, on how to make Christmas candles.
Third step of the tutorial How to make a portal of belen

The demolding is extremely simple and as we said we do not need any type of release agent when using this type of molds.

So alone we will have to give the final completion. Helped by an old plate that we will not use anymore, we iron the base of the candle, correcting any imperfection that may remain in the candle ..

We finally applied the Gold Nacarante to the little figures of the belen portal, helping us with a brush and we have already finished ..

Hope you liked it..

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