Create Modern Rustic Rooms in 5 steps

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The rustic modern rooms  are a cheerful and welcoming way of escape, which helps us to disconnect from the stressful and cold urban life. They have a unique personality , and a smell of wood that transports us to more beautiful lives. So that you can have one like this in your house, today we will see how to create modern rustic bedrooms in 5 steps .

The biggest secret is to combine the rustic beauty of natural textures, with modern forms of modern decoration. So let’s get straight to the point with sample photos to inspire you .

Modern rustic rooms ideas

1. Do not forget the bedside tables

The bed is an important part of the room, but the bedside tables can not be forgotten. They are economic accessories able to completely change the design of a bedroom , in addition there are designs for all tastes.

Rustic wooden bedside table

If you want to give a rustic farm look, they have to be aged wood . If you prefer an industrial rustic style they can be made of antique metal . The shape, color and size do not matter, you can adapt it to the space you have available and to the color palette that you like the most.

Metal bedside table for rustic bedroom

2. Reuse and Restore

You can do two things, or buy new furniture in rustic style, or reuse and restore old furniture . The second option takes more time and effort, but if you like this type of activity you will enjoy it a lot.

When it comes to reusing furniture what counts is the imagination, you can turn any object into another for a completely different use. For example, in the following photo we see some backs of armchairs converted into headboards.

Rustic headboard made with old armchairs

For more ideas of headboards , you can go to the article  how to make a headboard with wooden pallets .

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And if you like this type of decoration, do not miss the article about decorating with wooden pallets  where you can be inspired to decorate the bedroom. Another very cool article with dozens of original and different ideas , is that of  furniture with wooden pallets in  case you want to create your own rustic furniture .

3. Wooden covered walls

Following the idea of ​​before, cover the wooden walls is a step further when decorating a modern rustic room. It gives a touch of cabin in the mountain great, as if we lived in a wooden house.

Rustic rooms with wooden walls

It does not have to be the whole wall , we can simulate wooden beams for example, or the ceilings lined with boards. In the article on  bedrooms with wooden walls  there are 20 precious examples .

4. Add metals and natural textures

The metallic elements in a contemporary rustic bedroom are essential . At that time things were made of wood or wrought metal.

Contemporary modern rustic bedrooms

Rustic wooden and forged metal room

Iron, brass, copper , are metals that combine very well with wood and can not be lacking in this style of decoration. If you also accompany it with plants , you will give the room a very refreshing natural brushstroke.

5. A chandelier can not miss

Chandelier in a contemporary rustic bedroom

An ancient chandelier  hanging from the ceiling is the icing on the cake . A masterpiece that overcomes the passage of time and fills the room with an overwhelming personality . This type of vintage or Victorian lamps are becoming increasingly fashionable.

They add a layer of intrigue and spectacular retro glamor to the modern rustic rooms , in the purest style of film. There are many sizes and prices, and they are easy to find although it may seem otherwise.

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