5 ideas to customize your packaging

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Summer has finally arrived at our homes! A few days ago we have welcomed my favorite station. Sun, heat and vacations are three of the words that I like the most and that put me in the best mood. So, as I am happy today, we are going to talk about an original, creative theme that fits perfectly in the do it yourself section Today we will talk about ideas for original, cheap and personalized packaging .

We all love that they give us the gifts in an original and different packaging. That’s why, whenever they surprise me with the packaging in a store, they get me to visit them again. So today’s article I want you to be especially dedicated to business. Those businesses that work day to day with customers. I do not care if they do it with  large and small cardboard boxes , imagination has no limit and creativity much less.

Entries already in subject, let’s start our five ideas to customize your packaging with the cardboard. In all the businesses, and more today with the boom of the virtual stores, the cardboard is used a lot to pack and prepare orders. What are you waiting for to add these ideas to your store?

Custom packaging with cardboard boxes and confetti

To carry out the first of the original packaging ideas, we will need:

  • A cardboard box.
  • Confetti (you can prepare them using old cuts from other crafts).
  • Glue
  • Ribbon for the tie

It is as simple as placing your personalized confetti the way you like the glue, and you will have an original and fun packaging.

Packing with polka dots and colored ribbons

Decorate the wrappers with original shapes

It is not always necessary to have a nice box. In this case, we will use a cardboard box or a white plastic bag. To decorate our wrapping, we will only need black paint and the leaf of a plant. With very few steps you will be able to make boxes or even plastic bags personalized with the drawing that you like the most. The plant motifs are trend but how instead of a leaf, another template you use it ?

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Packaging with floral motifs

Gift boxes with paper and cardboard

With this DIY we will get some boxes for small, great and 100% customization gifts. They are ideal for wedding gifts or similar. In addition, its preparation is very simple and fast. In our example they have used pearls and rattles to give a different touch. But you can use anything you can think of, from leaves to candy or stickers, to where your imagination reaches.

To make the box, print the template and fold the card over the broken lines. To make it more original, you can use paper with polka dots or colored lines.

Template for packaging

Wrapping with polka dots

Polka dots we like and if I proposed to use them before, now we include them in the next idea. What do you need for this personalized packaging? Just kraft paper , a sponge soaked in white paint and a pencil with rubber. You only have to wrap the gift, which you can adorn with a bow, dip the rubber band of the pencil in the sponge and capture it by the kraft paper.

What do you think of the result? Have you seen that fast and simple?

How to make polka dots on kraft paper

Gifts with photo, 100% success

If you really want to make an original packaging, unique and who loves who receives it, this is your idea. You can include in the package photographs of the person to whom the gift is directed, although you can also put one that brings back memories or experiences. With this packaging you will get excited and make unique the moment for who receives it.

Use photos for packaging

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