10 cheap tricks to renovate your house

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DIY headboard

It is clear that when you want to complete a complete renovation or renovate a part of the house it is very difficult that with some small changes that desire disappear. Still, in today’s article I will give you ten tips that can mitigate the need to throw partitions, change doors, cabinets, floors and anything else that reminds you of your old house. At the end of all the ideas, you will have a small draw, do not miss it!

Paint the cabinets and change the handles

One of the areas that we usually want to change more often is the kitchen. Years ago, any change involved calling a reform company, changing all the furniture, the table, the tiles … But that has changed, the decoration as well as the kitchen, we report much more benefit when we do it for ourselves, as well that we are going to give a new look to the whole space with our own hands.

To paint the cabinets, you can opt for the traditional white that will bring clarity and light, although you can also resort to more striking colors such as reds or yellows. A few months ago I showed you my kitchen, in which I decided to paint the furniture with slate paint , do you remember it?

Kitchen reform, slate paint

As for the shooters, I chose some leather and steel, but here you have hundreds of different options, the only precaution is to take the measurements well

It’s time to change textiles

One of the most common changes that fit the pocket, is the change of textiles. Only by renovating the bedding, cushions and curtains are radical changes made at home. Normally they will get lighter in summer and thicker in winter and the seasons are also a good excuse to make a change in colors and patterns. Prove it does not disappoint!

 Textiles for the living room

New shelves for your books

Do you have many books in those old rectangular shelves? Forget all those, bookstores and furniture that take up a lot of space and reduce the size of our room. As you will remember in my bedroom I placed these squares for the books that you always want to have on hand and they can not be more economical, what do you think?

A shelving for books with squares

Put a box in your life

That the boxes are fashionable is something that we can not deny. How about getting down to work and take advantage of some boxes to decorate? With this premise and much desire to create for our house, we can build a storage for the bathroom with a cardboard box, rope and a little cloth.

DIY Box for the bathroom


Including a vinyl on one of our walls or doors can give a special touch and feeling of change. It is a great bet for children’s rooms, since it will give color and life to the room of the smallest of the house with little effort.

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Children's vinyl

Painting for tiles

We return to the painting in our low cost reform to return again to the kitchen and the bathrooms. These areas of the house usually have tiles everywhere, and any change on them involves heavy and expensive works, so let’s paint them! With the special paint for tiles we will get a complete change and best of all, cheap and fast.

A new headboard, a different room

Renewing the headboard of the bed will get a change effect for the entire room, so I remind you how to make a headboard low cost , in a few steps and, in my case, with extra material.

Headboard DIY detail

Painting the doors

If they are in good condition, you can choose to paint or lacquer the doors. This process will take more time than the other tips but the result will be very durable if you do it calmly and will get to renovate your entire house with a single step. First of all, you must choose the color of your new doors, think that today the white is still prevailing and the clarity that will bring us is one of the advantages in favor.

Renovate and decorate your house with lacquered doors

An original DIY for your plants

One of the things that I like most about plants is their capacity to give life and joy to the space that surrounds them, for this reason, I do not conceive a house without plants. I could not miss a  DIY to decorate with plants . I am going to leave you a very simple one that can be done with slats or pallets and that I have seen in Crafts by Courtney .

Extra: if you do not like the chosen floral composition, you can always add glass jars like the ones in the image to the bottom and add your favorite flowers.

DIY pallets and plants


Renew the floors

Sweep Tenn products

The last of the tricks we bring you comes from the hand of Tenn (who does not remember that “Cotton does not cheat”) and its reparation effect, with which we can gradually improve the home floors and get them back to shine as new and free of scratches without leaving us the savings in the attempt.

In addition, if you want to carry out the renovations for your house that we talked about in the blog, you are in luck, since from June 6 to July 29 Tenn makes a daily drawing of a gift card of € 200 for decoration from your house, you just have to enter the data here .

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