Training scheme for boxing

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Building a boxing training program means different things to different people. For some, the training program is designed to help you become the best boxer you can become and help you win a championship. For others, it is designed to help achieve the best conditions. In order to build the right training program, you have to determine if you are going to be a championship fighter or someone who wants to be in better shape.

Conditioning exercises

A boxer has to be in top condition every time he goes to the ring. Therefore, much of the boxer’s time has to be dedicated to conditioning. Conditioning exercises like jumping rope, running, running sprints and shadow boxing will help you improve your overall conditioning. Perform conditioning training three or four days a week.

Strength training

This is an area that has seen a big change in philosophy when it comes to boxing. Until the late 1970s, boxers refrained from using weights for strength training, as old-school coaches thought that the weight-lifting process would make a “muscular” fighter. That philosophy has disappeared. Boxers can do push-ups, leg presses, bench presses and lunges to gain strength. In addition to lifting weights, boxers must also do push-ups, arm push-ups and abdominal exercises to build strength. Do this three times a week.

Boxing training

In order to build your skills in the ring you have to enter the ring and compete against fighters who have skills similar to yours. When you do boxing training, wear larger gloves that cushion the hit and helmet. However, neither you nor your opponent should be restrained. In order to get the most out of your time in the ring, you have to work hard, look for opportunities, throw sharp punches and defend yourself. Always take a day off between training sessions and give your body the opportunity to prepare for the next exercise.

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Road training

Road work is the essence of resistance training that all fighters should do if they are going to be strong throughout their fight. A fighter does not want to fight hard for one or two rounds and then fight against his lack of strength and conditioning. Boxers run 3 to 5 miles when doing road training. This must be done four times a week until the last 10 days before a fight. At that point, you must scale your road training to 1 or 2 miles once or twice in the last 10 days.

Heavy bag and speed bag

Boxers must hit the speed bag to improve the speed and reaction time and the heavy bag to build the strength and power of their punches. The speed bag will help a fighter develop a big left-handed blow and learn to anticipate the next blow that should be thrown out. The heavy bag will help you build the strength of an explosive blow. Do not limit yourself to throwing blows with your arms and shoulders, use your legs, core and buttocks to deliver the power shots. Use the speed bag and heavy bag three times a week.

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