Reflex exercises for boxing

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Exercises for footwork in boxing

Boxing is a sport that demands strength, speed, energy and conditioning. However, the most important factor in boxing could be the reaction time and the ability to demonstrate excellent reflexes. That is, to survive in the boxing ring – not to mention winning the fight – you have to take your fist faster than your opponent. Boxers do regular exercises to improve these reflexes.

Speed ​​bag

The speed bag helps boxers to hone their hitting skills, making fast hits with precision. The fighters base their attack on their left strike skill (for right-handed fighters). The same happens for the speed bag. Make your left stroke quickly to make the speed bag come back to you quickly. In order to hit it before it bounces against the front ring of the base from which it is suspended, you must strike again with your left fist. Working with the speed bag, you will quickly develop a dangerous left-handed hit at just the right moment, which will keep your opponent out of balance.

Skip the rope

This is another exercise that develops speed, endurance and excellent reflexes. Boxers jump the rope regularly at the start of their routine to warm up properly. The action of jumping rope during the equivalent of three or four rounds of three minutes, helps a boxer to increase his speed when it comes to moving quickly through the ring. This will allow you to be at your best performance when you stand inside the ring. It allows you to throw punches with accuracy and precision, while at the same time has the speed to avoid the blows of your opponent.

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Training to avoid cowering

One of the biggest factors that a fighter must overcome is the tendency to cower when a blow comes his way. The normal reaction is to close your eyes and harden your body when the blow goes straight to your face. In order to avoid this reflex, your coach will throw blows to your face gently. Your goal is to block them quickly and then throw your backlash with your right hand on your head (you do not want to hit your coach). The only way to do it is to keep your eyes open and your head and neck relaxed.

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