Boxing training with the fast pear

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Boxing training with the fast pear

The fast pear is one of the main tools used by boxers to prepare for a fight. The fast pear (also known as the speed bag) hangs from a rotating hook at a slightly higher height than eye level. A boxer uses it to improve the coordination of hands and eyesight, the accuracy of blows, speed and confidence. It is a basic exercise for every boxer.

Coordination of hands and eyesight

Boxers need good reflexes and a developed hand and eye coordination. The moment you see an opening, you must be able to launch a blow with speed and precision. The quick pear will help you do just that. When hitting the pear, the left jab will be the main hit you will use. In order to hit the fast pear correctly, hit on rhythm with your left jab. You must concentrate on hitting the lower center part of the pear so that you hit the support ring and bounce towards you.


Speed ​​comes into play when you add footwork to your workout with the fast pear. Boxing is not a static sport and hitting the fast pear becomes an even more effective tool when you add footwork. If you are a right-handed fighter, you will usually mark your opponent on your left. Keep this pattern in mind as you practice with the fast pear, picking up the pace as you go. Good boxers learn to keep the speed of the pear moving with a rhythmic pattern as they move.


Hitting the fast pear while simulating a boxing match can help a boxer develop a high level of condition. Hit the pear for three minutes at a time (the same amount of time in a boxing assault) without resting. Take a one minute break and then do it for three to six rounds. This helps you maintain form and strength more than those who do not spend time working with the fast pear.

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The boxers have to learn how to hit the fast pear. It takes time, effort and concentration to do it well. New boxers often get frustrated when they start hitting the pear. However, when you start to gain pace and learn to hit the pear, your performance in the ring during the glove sessions will probably improve. As the boxers improve their speed, hand speed and coordination of their eyes, their confidence grows and that helps them in their performance in the ring.


Many videos present stories of boxers opening with a boxing champion hitting the fast pear at an impressive pace. It is a shot that catches the viewer’s attention and traps them in the story. However, this is not just a trick. This is one of the main tools used to enlist a boxer for the action in the ring. Sugar Ray Robinson, a Hall of Famer boxer who dominated the sport in the 1940s and 50s, used the fastball to build his overall speed and hand speed throughout his career. He could make such a movement so fast that it was said that he “sang” when he hit her in full rhythm. Other boxers who could do the same are Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Kid Gavilán, Roberto Duran and Manny Pacquiao.

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