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There are many ways to make money with a website on the internet.Unfortunately, many people give up too quickly because they do not actually make money in the beginning. My advice is not to give up. It takes a lot of time to build a website that generates money. But with the right direction, planning and hard work this can be achieved. It depends on how you monetize your blog.

To make it easier for you, I’ve made a list of ways you can make money with your blog. It looks like a myth, but making money with blogging is possible! I hope this list helps you to choose the right strategy on your blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a kind of “performance-based marketing.” You as the blogger being a post in your message a link to a product or service of a different company with an affiliate program. If your visitors click on this link and buy the product or service you will receive a small commission. This is a revenue model that I also use on this blog.

If you register with an affiliate program, it is always good to:

  • Only promote products that have to do with your niche.
  • Only promote products that you have used and recommend.

How do you get involved in affiliate marketing? You can start by registering with popular programs such as:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Clickbank
  • PayPro (Dutch)

But you do not necessarily have to stay with these big names. Companies can also start their own programs for a single product or a group of products. For example, you might come across another blogger who has an affiliate program for e-books and ecourses in your niche. This is a great opportunity for you because it is very relevant to your readers.

How much can you earn with affiliate links? Melissa Culbertson from Blog Clarity mentions two examples of a ‘mommy blogger’ and a decorative blogger earning $ 20,000 and $ 32,000 a year with a reasonable minimum number of visitors. Making money with blogging is certainly possible with affiliate marketing.

2. Google Adsense

Some people create a blog that is only made for Google AdSense , which is the most popular network in the world for ads. Simply put, you earn money by showing ads on your website. There are two ways to make money with Google AdSense:

  1. Based on impressions: This depends on the number of page views. You get an X number of dollars for every 1000 visitors.
  2. Based on clicks: Independent of the number of page views. When someone clicks on an advertisement you get a share of the income.

AdSense works with free Blogger blogs and WordPress websites that you host yourself, but keep in mind that it does not work with a free WordPress blog.

How much can you earn with AdSense? That depends on the number of visitors and how many you want to click on the ads. There are bloggers such as Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits that earns more than $ 10,000 a month, but this is quite exceptional. Making money with blogging is therefore a possibility, but do not count on thousands of euros per month.

3. A course or service

If you teach your visitors something on your blog, you can make money with your blog by turning it into an online course. A common way to sell an online course is with automated e-mails. For example, a complete course will be given over a time span of 8 weeks. You can also choose to offer the full course as a download, so that the students can complete this course at their own pace. Some examples of online courses are:

  • Internet Marketing Masterclass (from Jacko Meijaard)
  • The Mental Internet Marketing Plan (from Katja Callens)
  • Course Website Building (Van Vuora)

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How much can you earn by earning memberships? This is again the case for how much you sell and how many people want to buy it. Gina Horkey from Horkey Handbook earned more than $ 1,000 in her first month with a freelance writing course.

Besides a course you can also choose to offer a service. For example, many bloggers are also freelance writers. They get paid to blog content for other people. Other common services are speaking at large events and personal coaching. It’s all on your niche. You can become much more specific. For example, a wedding blogger can offer wedding planner services.

4. Consult

Consult is another popular way to make money on your blog. With these services you can receive a certain fee to give feedback to your readers.

Suppose you have a blog about social media. You could ask € 100 per hour for a Skype session where you discuss the social media strategy of your customer. Besides this Skype call you can send a complete report via e-mail how this customer can improve his / her strategy.

Let’s look at a number of examples. Jim Connolly from Jim’s Marketing Blog sells two-hour sessions for $ 319 per session, where he discusses marketing tactics with you. Sophie Lizard from  Be a Freelance Blogger  sells one-on-one mentor sessions for freelance bloggers in packages from $ 197 to $ 687.

5. Paid reviews and / or banners

If you have a decent number of visitors to your website, you can be contacted by a company that wants to sponsor your website. There are usually two requests that you can get:

  1. Paid reviews or sponsor posts
  2. Banner ads

Paid reviews ensure that a company sends you a product and asks if you want to write a review about the product, but it does not necessarily have to be a positive review. Sometimes companies ask themselves to post a specific item in exchange for a link back. It is ethically justified to let your readers know that a blog post is sponsored.

Banner ads is exactly as it sounds that it is. They are advertisements that you place in the form of a banner. Often it comes in your sidebar. The company that does this sponsorship will often pay you monthly to keep the advertisement on your website.

6. E-books

Writing e-books is a hugely popular way to sell a unique product in your category. This is also ideal for almost every niche. With so many possibilities to publish yourself, it is very easy to start with large sales sites such as Amazon or You can also do this on your own website.

How much money can you earn with this? If you already have some followers you can earn a few thousand euros per month on a website. But it can get even crazier, if you are a bestseller on Amazon for example. For example, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger  showed that he earned $ 72,000 in the first week after launching his e-book.

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