More Traffic on your Website: Which strategy is the best?

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One marketer receives only a few visitors per day on its website. The other works very hard and gets hundreds of visitors a day. Six months later, the first marketer has a nice, stable income that he gets from those few visitors on his website.This while the other marketer is still struggling with more “unique” visitors to his website and hardly earned anything with this, if he already earned something with it.

Visitors versus buyers

A good model to get visitors, which is linked to a bad money machine, does not lead to anything. If you want to make money on your website you have to understand this.

The website that gets the most traffic does not necessarily have to be the most successful.

But the website that converts the traffic on its website into buyers is usually successful.

And the website that visitors can sell something several times will always be the winner.

Getting visitors to your website is the first step. When it’s there, you need a powerful “direct response” sales page to accept orders and add new people to your email list. Otherwise all your time and effort will disappear in the floor.

Most online marketers only focus on new customers or more unique visitors on their website. The smart online marketers also constantly focus on their current customers, to buy something from them more often.

It is a lot easier to sell an existing customer something more than to sell an unknown person for the first time.

For this reason, extra traffic to your website at the bottom of the line will not make any difference unless you convert these strangers into repeat customers that you trust.

making a profit is importantBest income ways

In recent years we have seen a big change on the market. For example, we have seen that individual marketers who consistently make the most profit are those who ask for a monthly fee. A recurring income. This happens in the form of web applications, membership sites or services for example. Actually everything that gives a recurring income.

It takes much less effort to make a profit with such systems, because you sell to the customer who has already paid for your product or service. Instead of having to sell to the customer every month, you only need to have a good product or service. Compare this with the constant search for new customers or even selling new products!

If you can find a way to make a product or service and ask for a monthly fee, if it’s only a few euros per month, you can really start maximizing your profits from all the traffic that your way coming.

A predictable monthly amount, such as 9 euros per month, is many times better than a possible sale of € 27, which has to try to sell again four times a year. It is much more passive.

In addition, the access of a product or service does not even have to be yours. You can also join a reliable affiliate program and easily earn a monthly recurring income.

Examples of this are selling products via PayPro , or directly with a service such as KWfinder .

Two types of targeted traffic

You probably already know that there are two different types of traffic to your website. Targeted traffic and unfocused traffic.

Targeted traffic consists of people who are interested in your product or service and are very willing to spend money to get it from you.

Unfocused traffic consists of the rest of the world. These people are not interested in what you have to offer and are therefore not willing to spend money.

Of course you are interested in the targeted traffic. We do not care about the non-focused group and will certainly not bother to convince this group to buy something from you. You are not only wasting your time, but also wasting their time.

You also need to know that the group of targeted traffic can be divided into two different groups:

  • Prospects that you look up
  • Prospects that you look up

An offline example

door to door seller

Imagine that you have been given a list of prospects who have previously expressed an interest in buying a type of product that you sell. If you decide to sell your product door to door by searching these people, you are looking for them. This will cost you time. This also applies if you use telemarketing to call them.

If you have a store in a mall where prospects are coming, they are looking for you. In their own time.

When both groups of prospects fall into the target group, the second group is obviously easier to sell because they take the initiative to look for you. This usually means that they are already ready to buy something from you.

In the online world these are people who use search engines and sit on web shops etc. They are already looking for what they want. They are ready to take their credit card out of the wallet.

The problem is that it is not easy to get high in the search engines and to stay there.

Only use the best strategy

When you study successful people in every market, such as marketing, real estate, finance, or whatever, you see that the most successful people have used the power of the lever.

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In other words, they have learned how to achieve great results with few. To become extremely successful, you must do the same.

You only need to use the strategy that requires little work and gives the best results. Sounds simple, right?

It is mainly logical thinking. But it does not happen in practice much.

There are 1001 carrier-generating strategies . But there are only a few that give the results that most companies are looking for.

A question to you …

Do you want to use any traffic strings that exist, including all new ways that will be available tomorrow? or do you only want to use the strategies that deliver gigantic results for little work? Strategies that have been tested and give consistent results. Year, after year, after year.

I hope you go for the second choice.

Looking for gold

Time is very important to me. Therefore, there is a small chance that I will use a strategy if it does not meet all of my criteria. That is why most strategies are not usable.

Most visitors generating strategies are mud and stones for me. I am not interested in that. I am looking for the gold nuggets that lie between this gang of strategies.

If you are looking for new and beautiful ways of generating traffic, I have to disappoint you. I do not have these because they do not give the results that I’m looking for.

I do not have time to set up a system that works for a short time before it is buried again. It is a waste of time and effort.

Most of the most successful marketers do not use hundreds of techniques. Instead they choose one or two, the gold nuggets between the mud, and then become master of this technique. Of course, they will occasionally try a new technique to test, but the core of the strategy is always the same methods.

This is an important lesson that you must learn. A newcomer in online marketing jumps from one technique to another, or worse, he uses 100 at the same time. Then he / she will remain a newcomer, even after years of work, or will get a burnout. The seasoned online marketer is working on perfecting one strategy that delivers the most.

My criteria for a new strategy

These are my criteria for determining whether a strategy is a nugget or a simple stone:

  • It must be simple, quick and easy to understand and implement;
  • The strategy must have a great leverage effect, so little work for great results;
  • It must be viral by nature. It must give results for all eternity.

If a method is naturally viral, it means that it can spread like a virus. It is similar to the snowball effect, which increasingly increases in size (it grows bigger) and momentum (moves faster) when you roll it off the mountain, without you having to do anything for it.

You have to implement the viral strategy where possible.

Sometimes I come across a strategy that has only two of the three criteria. Despite what I said before, I might still use this strategy when the results are substantial enough.

There are also times when you come across a strategy that requires more work in the beginning, but will work forever when it is launched. If this is the case, I certainly do some “extra” work to get this going.

If a strategy produces gigantic results with little work, but does not guarantee a viral effect, I will use it anyway. I can always adjust it to add the viral effect that I’m looking for.

What are good strategies for visitors?

  1. Use e-mail marketing. If you collect e-mails you can inform these people about everything you do with your website. If you do not collect e-mail addresses, you are really going wrong because this is the easiest way to send visitors to your content. Give priority to this, you will not regret it.
  2. Use Social Media (groups). Social media is currently one of the biggest sources for visitors to my websites. Just do not forget to give value before you place your links in groups.
  3. Establish powerful partnerships with your market. For example, if you have an e-book for training dogs, make a collaboration with a dog blog or dog forum. Promoting each other is an example, but there are dozens of ways for strong cooperation. In addition , focus on what you can do for  them to start a successful collaboration faster.
  4. Create your “own” sales team via PayPro for example . Make sure that other people sell your products.
  5. PPC ads. Unfortunately, there is a high threshold to learn this, where you will lose a lot of money, but it does work.
  6. Free publicity and press releases. Do not ask yourself here how you can get into a TV / radio show, but what you can give to this show.

Some of these strategies will take more time to set up before the snowball effect will come. But when this happens, it is worth it! As I pointed out earlier: use only a few strategies and make sure you are good at it. Forget about the rest at the moment. They will only waste your time.

Remember that the best strategies are not always the most beautiful, newest or complex solutions. They are usually simple and straightforward.

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