How to Make Money Online Without Investment

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I have been working on making money online for a while now and it strikes me that the same questions are often asked. For example, people are looking for a method or a simple button to earn € 5,000 within a month. Often these people are only looking for quick money. This post is there to show you how realistic this is.

As mentioned, there are people who expect to earn € 5,000 a month with a magic button within a very short time. There are also people who have a lower target, such as only € 5, or € 10 per day for example. I do not want to get these goals down, because you have to start somewhere, but I want to tell you what it costs to make real money on the internet.

It does not matter whether you want to earn € 5 per day to fulfill your video game obsession or to earn € 10,000 per month to support your family. The beginning all with  YOU .

There are so many online marketers that respond to the laziness of these people. They sell a button or ‘secret method’ with which you could earn money very quickly. Unless you have the key for the PayPal money generator, you will find out that this does not exist. I want to give you a dose of reality in this message. This info applies to everyone, whether you are still at school and want to buy video games, in their 30s and want to earn some extra money or that you are against your pension and want to leave some money for your family.

Disclaimer: It is not easy!

Serious. You have to know from the start that making money online is very difficult. You need a stable income to stay above water and invest in your online adventures.

Anyone who has no money on the bank while there are bills coming in, I have the following real advice:  find a job . This is serious. You get so many problems if you do not have a way to pay your bills. Most people who fail to make a passive online income fail because they get in at the wrong time. I do not say that it is not possible, but you have to go very well if it works.

Many people associate money online with easy money. That is very far from the truth. It is difficult. Very difficult.

If you are serious about earning money online, follow these guidelines. This is just my opinion and this does not necessarily have to be the case, but I know it is as I describe it in this post. I want all newcomers to be able to earn money, which is why I write this.

A lot of ‘making money online’ blogs pretend it’s all very easy. Why? Because they want all newcomers to purchase web hosting and WordPress themes via their affiliate links. In addition, they want all their ‘special’ methods and products to be purchased by these newcomers.

These self-proclaimed gurus tell novices that you can earn money with web hosting so that they receive a commission.

You need money to make money

The gurus will tell you that you can now immediately start earning money, that your success can come virtually in one night if you just send some traffic to your website. That’s easy, right? ERROR ! Again, they only try to sell you their product or try to take you off via their affiliate link hosting.

The CPA (Cost Per Action) and affiliate marketing space is overcrowded. There are so many people trying to earn money. Over 80% of these people do not stand a chance. Who earns all the money? Those who have money to spend and invest. They are the ones who have money to invest in the right SEO and control the PPC (Pay Per Click) results. These people are also the ones who spend a lot of money on Facebook and other platforms that give results. They have the money to test ads, banners and other sources.

So many people say that they have € 50 to invest in PPC. Stop this. Save your money. That € 50 can give you food for several days.

Understanding that you need money to make money is the first step.

Spread your chances, but not too much

I see it happen regularly. People who want to build an authoritarian website to earn money with AdSense , but come the next day to ask how to make a Clickbank review website, to see a few days later that they want to earn money with Instagram. Enthusiasm is great and you want to spread your opportunities very well. But it is not practical in the beginning. If you spread your chances too much you will fail.

In the beginning you have to choose one thing to earn money and then use all your time to learn everything about this subject. Whether it’s a blog and want to earn money in the AdSense and CPA way, or whether you want to use CPA offers with paid traffic sources.

Find the one way you want to make money and stay here. Do not keep jumping between different methods. You need all your time and concentration to start that one project and make money with it.

Do not expect immediate results

I get mad when I see how many people think they earn a lot of money the first month. Here I also blame the so-called gurus. They want the sheep to follow them so that they can earn over € 100,000 per year and drive an exotic car.

If you spend some time getting to know some people who really earn money online, you will soon find out that they have failed more than they have had success. Some have had to wait a year for the first money to come by, but they continued to learn and move forward because they knew that eventually there would be success.

This also goes back to the first point I made that you need money to make money. In the beginning your regular job is there to pay your bills and support your family while you get to know the world of Internet Marketing. When you have your job you can learn at your own pace. Of course everyone wants to make money online as quickly as possible, but that is not how it works. You have to learn, read and choose everything at your own pace. With your own salary of your job you do not necessarily have to get immediate results. This gives you the chance at your own pace that is comfortable for you to invent everything.

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You can not give up too easily

Making money with Internet Marketing is difficult. If it would be easy, it would not be worth it.

I am sure that if you ask a number of newcomers in the Internet Marketing what does not work, that they all indicate things that work, but have failed, such as:

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing

But why do so many newcomers indicate that it does not work? Because they do not give enough time . They expect immediate results and stop before they understand it. If Internet Marketing was easy, everyone would. Everyone would work from home or some other exotic location while models cool down while they are giving drinks.

You should be happy that it is not easy. Who else would tapping your beer in the bar or mowing your lawn and keeping a garden? Working online and generating an income is very difficult. Did I mention this?

You can actually compare it to a professional athlete who is constantly training. Someone with the goal of making money needs to read, study and test. Constant. If you really want it you have to sit down and just do the work .

If you start with this and keep in mind that you  do not have to stop, you make sure you figure it out and start earning your money. Just do not give up.

It is not smart to bet on one horse

When you start making money online you have to make sure that you vary as much as possible as possible, because the world of Internet Marketing is constantly changing. Let’s pretend you’ve chosen to start a blog about personal finances. You have chosen the following ways to make money:

  • AdSense – Ads about your entire website
  • Clickbank offer – Offer in your blog posts mixed and sometimes to your e-mail list
  • CPA offers – mixed offer in your blog posts and sometimes to your email list

You want to get as much traffic as possible to your website. The goal is that they click on ads and on your affiliate links in your blog. Of course sometimes also in your e-mail list.

You then need as many sources for traffic as possible. This way you do not get into trouble if one suddenly stops or disappears. A number of sources that you could therefore look at are:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Facebook Advertisements
  • Guest blogs
  • Youtube

Suppose Google does an update and your traffic from Google disappears, you can just adjust yourself. Because you have multiple flows of traffic you will not get too many problems with it. If you bet on one horse and, for example, spend all your money on SEO, you will once again be at € 0 per month as soon as an update comes that ensures that it no longer works.

Be minimalist when you start (maybe give some luxury)

Make sure you’re not like SEOSam and all the other fake Internet Marketers who only think materialistic. The people who earn money for the first time and buy a watch or other materialistic things are doomed to fail. Keep your feet on the ground and concentrated. In the Internet Marketing you can turn 180 degrees in a second and if you lose your concentration you fail. Instead of buying directly a Maserati or an Aston Martin, you can also go for an Audi A4. This is a great car and saves you bins with money. Make sure you do not care that you do not have that Maserati (yet).

Do not buy anything to impress others. It does not give you extra income. What you as an Internet Marketer do have to invest in is a good computer, laptop, smartphone and online tools and software . Things that help you earn money.

You also have to look at what you spend money on and always look for less money. This ensures that you can use that money for your IM career. If you eat out a few times a week (which I unfortunately did) you can stop and only cook and eat at home. This creates more advertisements, a new blog design, more links etc.

Make sure you save money

This also goes back to the previous point. When you start earning money, do NOTgive it out. Put it on a bank account if you ever need it. If your goal is to work for yourself, you have to think about the longer term.

There are no health insurance benefits, pension funds etc. You are 100% responsible for your own future. When you start earning money, I recommend that you hire an accountant and work with a financial advisor.

When you are 75 years old you will be glad that you have saved every month instead of buying that expensive car or spending money to impress others. I’m not saying that you should not have fun. You should definitely have that. But make sure you do not spend more than necessary. Concentrate on saving money.

When you make money for the first time, it will look like drugs. Have fun, but be smart with it. Save a little and pretend you do not agree. Invest it in the right way.

Consider your Internet Marketing as a business

This is where many people fail. They think they can work when they want and then become successful. Internet Marketing is a real company .

What would happen if you only come up with your regular job when you want to? You will be fired!
What would happen if you leave your regular job after a few hours? You will be fired!

Yes, part of Internet Marketing is that you could work from anywhere in the world. And not so many hours. But it is up to you to decide how many hours you work if you work. Some aspects require more work. There are people who work on their company for 2 hours a day, but they started with 16 hours a day!

Do not compromise yourself. Be professional. Respond quickly to e-mails. Address problems directly. Just like a real company. Because Internet Marketing is a real business.

The end of my sermon

I hope that I have not deterred the newcomers in Internet Marketing and a passive income. I really hope this helps you to find out your company. If there are any questions or additions I would like to hear them. Tell me this in the comments below. As always, I hope you enjoyed reading this and until the next time!

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