Earn more than 100,000 euros in a year without SEO

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The idea of ​​starting an online project and turning it into a successful company that gives you financial freedom and independence is very attractive to many.Some people want to pull the strings themselves, others want more time for their family and many others want to travel around the world while running their online business. I recently spoke to someone who earned more than 100,000 euros per year. He told me how he does this. This is Michael’s story.

When he started an online business, he did not have a cent. That’s why he quickly learned to make money from scratch. This was the first method that worked for him and since then this is the only method he uses. He started with about 100 euros. Below you can see a screenshot of one of the websites he sold last year by using a method that is highlighted today. Note: this did not happen overnight. A lot of work has gone before.

Earn more than 100,000 euros in a year without SEO

Many people assume that they can not make money online because they do not know how to build or rank a website in the search engines. If you’ve always wanted to test with online marketing, but never knew where to start, this is your lucky day. This is something you can do with:

  • Little to no technical knowledge (Michael when he started)
  • No code or SEO knowledge (Michael when he started)
  • No experience with managing a website (Michael when he started)
  • A small budget such as 100 euros (you can invest more or less, but this started with 100 euros)

One of the most frequently asked questions about online entrepreneurship is “how can I earn a ton a year?” 100,000 Euros per year is certainly a possible goal if you follow this method consistently. This does not happen after one day and it will not be free (it takes time and there are costs involved as soon as you start to scale), but if you are willing to spend the hours in it, you will be successful. Michael has taught this method to other people and they have also earned good money.

Often the easiest ideas give the greatest profits. This is a perfect example of how you can choose a simple idea and turn it into a profitable online business. No tricks, just hard work .

Introduction of an easy and scalable method

This is a proven method that involves finding customers who are actively looking for products or services that you promote, where you get a referral fee or affiliate commission as soon as a sale is made. Although you have to do work, it’s easy to outsource and scale when your business grows, which allows you to grow exponentially. This is a small overview of what you will learn today:

  1. Choosing a working niche
  2. Create a review blog
  3. Use Google Search and BuzzBundle
  4. Respond to possibilities
  5. Create long-term traffic sources
  6. Repeat sequentially

Now that you know what this method entails, we can go a little deeper into everything. We are going to help you through every component today so that you fully understand how you can implement this plan and start earning money today.

1. Choose a working niche

The first thing you have to do is identify a niche. You want to consider three things to choose your niche. First you have to ask yourself whether this niche is very popular and has products that are always asked. You do not want to focus on a niche that has too little demand. Think of the long-term potential. Some examples of strong niches with endless possibilities are products to lose weight and dating offers. There will never be a shortage of people looking for this kind of products. Choose a broader niche and not one that is very specific what is very short-term, like the latest BN-er diet.

Secondly, you want to make sure that your niche has products that can give you a high commission. You do not want to do all this work and then find out that you can only make a few euros profit per conversion. There are three websites that you can use to find niche ideas and to see what products are available, how popular they are and how much they pay.

Clickbank (English)


ClickBank  is an online marketplace that has affiliate products for as good as any niche you can think of. Each offer gives you a certain percentage of each sale and most offers give between 50% and 75% commission per sale to you, the affiliate.

Simply go to ClickBank.com  and click on “Marketplace” to start searching for products that you want to promote. You can search the categories list in the menu or you can search on keywords. When you have found a product that you are interested in selling, you should definitely click on the title and view the sales page of the product. Make sure it has a high quality. You do not want to waste your time and effort on products promoted on a bad website.

Check the average $ per sale and ensure a healthy payout (recurring products are a bonus).

You now want to look at the so-called “gravity” rating. This is an indication of how popular this product is with other affiliates. A ClickBank product with high gravity means that there is a lot of competition, which means that there are also a lot of review websites that have existed for some time. A more reasonable approach is finding a balance between high gravity and quality, choosing a product with a gravity between 5 and 75. Choose a number of products in this range and make sure you can approach the maker of the product for a “Review copy.” You can give real feedback about the product and you have an indication of how fast their support is. The best product Michael has ever promoted has 12 gravity, but you have to figure out for yourself what is best for you.

PayPro (Dutch)


PayPro is similar to ClickBank. It is an online marketplace where you can search for (Dutch) products that you can possibly offer. You can search by entering a keyword, but you can also look at each category. The so-called “PayProscore” indicates how popular a particular product is. Here too, the higher the score, the more people promote the product, the more competition you have. And of course, more competition means that it becomes more difficult to sell a product.

What is useful about PayPro is that you can immediately see what the (fixed) commission is for each product. That way you know exactly where you stand. Also in the Netherlands it is quite normal to get 50% to 75% of the sales.

Offer Vault (English)


OfferVault.com  is an affiliate marketing source that lists all current offers that can be found at the largest affiliate networks. You can easily enter a search term and find and compare offers. ClickBank is a good source for different products, but it is always good to join different networks and therefore offer different products. You also want to add more products as soon as you start to grow. So make sure your niche has an “infinite” number of products to promote.

Finally, you want to make sure that the niche you choose is something you are interested in. Do you still see yourself writing about the same subject in six months? If not, find an alternative, because it really helps if you have a topic that you have an affinity with. Most people fail because they do not like and give up the niche.

2. Build your website

Now it’s time to build your website, which becomes a review website. Here you will place all affiliate products that you have found in the first step. The best platform for this is WordPress. Make sure you buy a .com domain with web hosting . Recently I showed in a blog post how you can buy web hosting and build a website.

Theme selection

When you have WordPress installed on the web hosting you have to choose a theme. Instead of spending thousands of euros on a designer, it’s better to visit ThemeForest and search for a WordPress review theme. There are many affordable and functional themes that allow you to quickly set up a professional-looking website that attracts conversion. If you do not have a budget for this, you can also work with a free theme until you can afford the upgrade to a premium theme.

These are three examples of review-style themes at ThemeForest. This will give you an example where you can choose the best. There is no “best” theme, because it differs per niche and content style. So choose a theme that you like.

WorldNews – Magazine RTL Responsive WordPress Blog
worldnews theme

The Review – Multi-Purpose Review & Magazine Theme
the review theme

Valenti – WordPress HD Review Magazine News Theme
valenti theme

When you have selected a theme you have to spend some time to adjust the theme to your preferences. Adjusting the colors and adjusting the layout to the products or services you are promoting will help. It is also a good idea to have your own logo made. Do not worry about the costs. There are several people on fiverr.com who want to make a logo for you for just $ 5.

Create review posts

You want to start with 3 to 5 products. Michael indicates that you start with products that are popular and have a large customer interest and demand. You will see why this is important in the next step.

For the best results, you must request a “review copy” from the manufacturer. You also do not want the review to sound like an ad. Write it from your own person. Reviews that have the “I influence” make them appear more authentic. As an example: “After using this product for two weeks, I have already seen a difference in my body. According to my scale, I already lost 2 kilos, so I was very impressed with the results “makes a much better impression than” This product does its job and causes weight loss. ”

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Put a lot of effort into this, because these reviews are directly responsible for converting your website visitors into sales. The deeper you go into the product and convincing your reviews are, the more sales you are going to make.

Add your affiliate links

When your review posts are written, you must place them within the content. You should want the name of the product to be a link, but also different phrases like “get more information here” or “you can get yours here” to send your visitors to these sales pages so they can make a purchase, which results in a commission for you.

It is good to “cloak” your affiliate links so that they do not look left as an affiliate. Make sure you can check every click on these links before you refer to traffic. For cloaking, Pretty Links (the free version) is great to start with. This is a plugin that makes it easy to make your affiliate links more user-friendly.

3. Promote your website

You will use two main tools to promote your website: Google and BuzzBundle. When you use them properly, they will put both of you in front of the potential customers who are actively looking for products and services that you promote on your review website.

Google Search Tools

This is how you can promote your website with Google Search Tools:

  1. Go to Google and search for your keyword. If this is a sentence, make sure to put it in “quotes”
  2. Press the Tools button under the search bar
  3. Select the period “Last 24 hours”
  4. Change Sorted by relevance to “Sorted by Date”

google search tools

If you want to search for Facebook messages you can also do this with Google by searching in the following way and adjusting the time and sorting:

Search for: “your keyword” site: facebook.com

BuzzBundle (for scaling)

BuzzBundle is a handy piece of software that helps to send more visitors to your review website by making connections with your target group via popular social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+), forums, Q & S sites, videos and blogs. It automatically searches the internet to find the terms that you enter. These are the same search terms that you enter in Google. BuzzBundle also responds to this, with links to your review website for more information. If you set this up properly, this can result in conversion on autopilot. Even when you sleep. How passive do you want it to be?


You can start with a free version of BuzzBundle to test the software. When you see conversion, I advise you to purchase the full version.

Response strategy


The Facebook response system shows “top reactions” at the top with clickable links. So if you place a top response, you have a very big chance to get visitors to your website. The criteria for getting a top response differ, but the more likes your reaction gets, the greater the chance.


Websites that use the Disqus response system will ban users who constantly place the same link. Even if you change the text around it. To circumvent this you may consider using proxy servers to change your IP address and use different accounts on a regular basis. Other users of this method have seen that accounts were banned within 10 posts. So be discreet to make blog comments effective.


The key to success is to remember that you always add value to your reactions to blogs. By not doing this you are on the fastest way to a deleted response. If you respond consistently and add value, you will gradually gain increasing profitable visitors on your website. Other things to keep in mind are:

  • Do not constantly link back to the same page on your website. Keep a healthy domain by linking to different pages.
  • On most blogs, filling in your website ensures that your name is clickable and links to your website. Keep it varied whether you place a link from your name or your reaction.
  • Do not assume that high quality news websites will remove your link. Some do not even check it.

4. Stay consistent

Popular niches will give a lot of Google results and a lot of BuzzBundle activity. Many of your results will come from press releases, new blog posts and forum posts. Keep an overview of all URLs on a daily basis. If you do not find at least 50 pages per day, you should consider adding more products and searches. When you receive a new notification, you must immediately visit the URL and leave a comment. Respond quickly because you can potentially be the first to respond, which attracts more clicks on your link.

Not all of your searches will give you a chance to respond, but the majority of blogs and forums have a unique opportunity to provide some feedback that guides readers to your website. When you post your posts, do not just say “Hey, come to www.mysite.com” because this is purely spamming. You will not only get no clicks, but the website will probably quickly delete your message because it looks like spam.

Spend some time thinking about what exactly you can give value to a response. This not only helps you get a better response, but also ensures that you remain under the radar of the website owner. So if you want to promote a diet pill, for example, you can respond in the following way to a quick question about how to get rid of the easiest:

“I was in the same position as you about 6 months ago. I had no idea what to believe on the internet because everything looked like an advertisement. Then I read a personal review about [your product] and it seemed that this person was very successful with the product, so I tried it too. I could not be more enthusiastic about the results. I am now 15 kilos lighter. This article was very helpful to me. If you want to read this, you can see it here: [link to your review article]. ”

Remember, the more products you review, the more traffic you can generate. When you do more, you will immediately see that this translates into more sales and therefore more profit for your company.

5. Continue to build organic and referral visitor resources

The beauty of this method is that it is not based on SEO. It is simply setting up a website and creating content. Your review posts (and even forum threads / blog posts that you’ve responded to) will rank in Google and give organic visitors searching on Google. You can rank not only the individual review posts, but you can also add additional posts based on long tail keywords and forward these visitors to the specific review pages. Learning SEO is one of the many ways to get free visitors to your website. Using Google and BuzzBundle are the easiest ways to produce high quality visitors and buyers. You can scale this up by outsourcing this work and focusing on finding additional organic visitor resources to search engine optimization.

Build an email list

The visitors on your website will be a very specific target group. You have to get hold of these e-mail addresses with an opt-in form and create an e-mail list to keep the people up-to-date with new, related reviews in their inbox after the sale. This is an automated way to sell your customers something again.

Visit old posts again

Check your biggest referrers in Google Analytics and visit your old comments and posts. This is an important part for forums, where people have asked any questions. By responding to these questions, you keep the subject of the forum, and therefore the link to your site, active.

6. Sell your website

Making a website grow to a moment that it generates more than € 1,000 per month is fun, but even better is building a property that you can sell. This means that if you get bored of your current website and want to go to another niche, your website has not been a waste of your time. On the contrary, you can sell your website for 20-30x the average monthly income. This means that if you made a profit of € 1,000 per month in the last 3-6 months, you can sell your website for € 20,000 – € 30,000!


Creating a website and scaling up to one tonne per year is a very possible task, as long as you know which steps to take and do not give up. This method gives you the opportunity to build a company that generates a recurring income and almost immediately generates turnover. You do not have to wait months before your expensive search engine optimization starts working and you do not have to worry about Google rankings or worry about changes in the algorithms. You can even completely ignore the Google ranking and still be successful.

When you have mastered this method, you can keep repeating this while duplicating the method across different niches. When you see that you get a nice income you can start outsourcing the small tasks and start expanding to other niches and higher profits.

We hope that this method gives you the inspiration and self-confidence to perform this yourself. Have you ever used this method yourself?

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