5 Reasons Why Your Next Great Idea Can Fail

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You have just come up with ideas and it is the best idea you have ever had and you spend all your time thinking. You eat, sleep and breath with your new idea.After you have invested a lot of time and effort, you suddenly lose interest and you stop. Does this happen to you?

This is a very common pattern that many entrepreneurs experience. Often it is because of the five following thoughts that surround our brains:

  1. ‘I can not get over it’.
  2. “I do not know what to do now.”
  3. “It does not matter to me anymore. Why should I worry? “
  4. “My idea may not be that good.”
  5. ‘Someone else is already doing something similar and is much better.’

If you have one or more of these thoughts in your head at the same time, your big idea could eventually be that: an idea. Here are some handy ways to forget these thoughts out of your head and get yourself on the ride:

1. “I can not get over it.”

You have worked hours of work, but it does not feel like something is being done. Maybe it goes wrong, or you have not seen anything after your efforts. Here’s what you can do about it:

  • Break it down into mini goals:  Share your goal in a lot of smaller goals. This gives you the satisfaction of completion after each stage. After you complete each mini-goal, you know that you are one step closer to your main goal. Think of this … How super would Super Mario Brothers be if you had to play the game without levels. We get a lot of satisfaction after completing each level, knowing that we are one step closer to saving the princess and beat the game.

2. “I do not know what to do now.”

You have a vision and you know what your ultimate goal is – you just have to find a way to get there. There are a few things you can do to help you find a direction:

  • Write down things:  putting things on paper organizes the thoughts in your head. Like mind mapping, you can visualize your ideas and easily break them down to see what your next step should be. You can also use a checklist. Write your steps in chronological order and check them as you go, such as your own personal recipe for success.
  • Research:  Fortunately, we have plenty of information available at your fingertips. If you are having problems, you can Googled it! It is quite possible that someone else in the world has had a similar situation that has already been answered.
  • Ask for help: there is nothing wrong with asking for advice. Just be polite and ask. I personally talked to a number of experts via e-mail about a number of problems, including blogging and marketing on the internet and every response is more than helpful.
  • Again, break everything into pieces: you can think on such a large scale that it takes away your focus from the next task. Scale your thoughts and think in terms of smaller goals, so that you can easily find a direction. You would not just go to New York without first knowing how to get to the airport first, right?

3. “I do not care anymore. Why should I worry? “

For whatever reason, you have lost sight of why you work so hard. When it comes to motivation, there are a number of ways to get it back:

  • Rewind: Go back to when you first came up with your idea. Why was it so exciting for you? It had to be exciting for a reason, right? Of course! Whether it concerns the potential millions of dollars you could earn, the freedom to spend time with your family in the future, or because your hard work helps someone else – you should never forget the underlying reasons why you were in the first place began.
  • Motivation check:  When I participated in a pain ball tournament, organized by a professional paintball team, we also called each other to keep the motivation high. For example, if there was an opponent, we called this and the whole team called together “YEEAAAAHHH !!!” This is very motivating, of course, so that’s why I’ve also become first with that team. What is your motivation check?
  • Show your favorite quotes: on my wall I have printed in my view a few of my favorite motivational quotes. If I get stuck, they can be a quick and easy way to start working again.
  • Read an inspiring book: at the moment I am reading Yanik Silver’s Moonlighting on the internet. Darren from Pro blogger, who is also a great inspiration to me, is also reading this book. The stories are great and really motivating. I read them when I am bored, and I am usually back on the computer after a short period.
  • Take a break: it’s great to see how a short break you do, what you can make more productive in the long run.

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4. “My idea may not be that good.”

It is really easy to believe that all the work you do now will ultimately be for nothing. This is the thought that seems to be more in my head than one of the others. It is definitely a downer, but here is how you can get out of these thoughts.

  • Think positive thoughts:  simple and simple. What is good to think that your idea is bad? Nothing whatsoever. Think positive thoughts, and positive things will happen to you.
  • “Reach the Hole”: This is a golf terminal that I think myself when I go with it. If I do not reach the hole, I do not even give myself the chance to draw. Does that sound logical? If you sell yourself briefly, your idea will not have a chance to succeed.

5. “Somebody else does something similar and is much better.”

If you think that your idea is not the most unique in the world and there are others using it, you do not have to worry. It is actually a big sign! That means your idea was such a good idea that other people use it to make money. There is a market for it, and you are about to participate in the fun.

  • The Dry Cleaners: How many dry cleaning places are there in every major city? To give you a rough number, I quickly searched for dry cleaners in Amsterdam and found a total of 68  . How can all those dry cleaners, 68 in total, all run a business in Amsterdam? The answer is: because it is a good company! If you share an idea with someone who is already successful, it is a good sign that if you join that market, it can also be successful.
  • Make it better: if you worry about why people will visit your website, use your services or buy your products, understand that people come to you because you have something more to offer than your competition. Maybe it’s a certain product or a bonus that you only offer. It can also be the content of your niche blog. Maybe it’s the user experience or customer service you give only. If you are exactly the same as the others, you simply disappear. If you offer something more or different, you will notice.

Last thought

I really believe that projects and ideas can be inadequate, not because of the actual idea, but because of these five thoughts that sometimes exceed us. True, there may be bad ideas, but even the worst ideas can be a success if the person behind them has the right attitude.

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