5 Highly Inspiring Positive Messages For Business Owners

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5 Highly Inspiring Positive Messages For Business Owners

Your thoughts, words and actions transmit energy. Good things happen when you send a positive message. You look more beautiful, you get surprises and even improve your self-esteem.

I went out with a boy once. He was attentive and kind, it seemed like a good match … until he bitter my Chai Latte high with soy milk! While sipping my favorite drink, the friend in question ranted against my best friends. He also criticized his parents, his brothers, his bosses and any other person who showed up in the conversation.

It was one of the most boring and emotionally draining talks I’ve had in my life. Not even the power of a delicious Chai could maintain my good spirits (and see that it is difficult to end my optimism). Needless to mention, we never went out again.

That day I discovered the importance of always showing your best face and taking care of what you transmit. A word, an action or a thought can have profound effects on others. Since then I have focused on my actions and I try to create a positive message with everything I do.

Here I give you 6 reasons for you to try:

1. You will become more attractive

According to the dictionary, something attractive is “What arouses interest or sympathy”.

A positive message is an invitation to meet you. Nobody likes being around people with a bad temper so always keep a smile on your lips.

When you speak, say only constructive things. The criticisms and aggressive words reflect dissatisfaction with yourself and insecurity, two things that frighten anyone (I say this from experience).

Observe the people around you. The most attractive are always those that maintain a good attitude.

2. You will have more friends

You will never lack people to turn to when you are in trouble or want to go out for coffee. You will also receive more invitations to parties, meetings and events. If your message is positive, your company will be pleasant and people will seek to be close to you.

3. You will receive surprises

Good vibes build trust and awaken gratitude. Those who spend time with you will seek to repay the opportunity you gave them to have a good time.

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I have received very nice gifts from people who appreciate the talks we have or the experiences we share. A boy I met while traveling gave me his favorite book because I spent all night listening to his love tragedies and telling him that everything would be fine.

My neighbors used to cook vegetarian barbecues (although they were carnivores at heart) just so I could accompany them in their meetings.

I did not expect to receive these surprises, but they were very nice.

4. You will feel good about yourself

Knowing that others appreciate your company is flattering to your self-esteem. This will improve your mood, it will give you security to go after your dreams. and it will motivate you to continue transmitting a positive message.

5. Your life will be calmer

There are many conflicts that can be avoided. If someone yells at you and you respond by shouting, you create a big argument. But if you remain calm and show that you are willing to solve the problem, it is easier to reach an agreement with the other person.

Once I was driving and hit a car (it was totally my fault). The driver got off angry. The first thing I did was to say that I was very sorry and that I was going to call the insurance so they could fix their car as soon as possible. The man was still upset, but he calmed down. The insurance arrived and everyone continued on their way.

It was not a pleasant experience for either of us, but it was quickly fixed and it did not go over.

6. Your health will improve

It takes a lot of energy to fight negative emotions. This energy is subtracted from other vital functions that keep you healthy.

By being optimistic you feel more calm and relaxed, which will make your body work properly and manage your resources in the best way. A good strategy to keep you always in good spirits is to write your own rules for happiness.

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